Stress Relief The Holistic Way

What Are The Different Choices When It Comes To Stress Relief and Stress Management?

Welcome to Stress Relief Choices.

This website is a dedicated holistic centre for all things to do with stress relief and well-being.

Stress is prevalent in our society and it is quoted as being the primary reason for visits to a medical doctor. More and more people are being affected:

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration(OSHA) have stated that stress is a hazard of the workplace.

It is estimated that stress annually costs American businesses more than $300 billion.

According to research 75% to 90% of all visits to the doctor are for stress-related ailments and complaints

More people are taking time off work

There are more stress-related illnesses

This website's purpose is to show you the different holistic choices when it comes to stress management, wellness and vitality:

What are the practises you can do?

Reviews of these holistic tools

Articles teaching you different exercises for well-being

Teaching you holistic techniques like meditation, breathing techniques, and visualizations

Learning how to exercise for vitality, to sleep better, to become healthier, happier and more joyful

Videos guiding you into your wholeness again

Stress is wholly treatable. If it has come into your life at this time then this means that you have all the resources within you to cope with it. This website reminds you of that fact.

Indeed, the idea with this website is not dependence but independence. It teaches you the tools so that you can manage your stress, yourself. It is about empowering you to see that you are doing it and you can do it.

We show you the choices available, what products and techniques have worked for us and from there you will find what works for you. You are doing it - remember that...

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