Yoga Poses

The following yoga positions are designed to relax the body, mind and spirit.

Practicing yoga poses is a wonderful way of relaxing the whole body. Yoga helps to calm the mind down, it helps to slow your breathing down and helps you to exercise and stretch your body.

And when different yoga positions are practiced on a regular basis the health benefits can be very powerful:

Having a clear and tranquil mind

Being able to find deeper states of relaxation

Having a fit, and healthy body.

Having a flexible joints and muscles.

General well-being.

What You Will Need To Practise Yoga Poses

You will need the following items and conditions in order to be able to practice the yoga positions below:

1. Practice in the morning: The best time for yoga is in the morning before breakfast. It is best to do yoga at least 4 hours after a heavy meal so this is why morning is the best time.

2. Loose clothing: You will need comfortable loose fitting clothing: either shorts or light trousers and a t-shirt.

3. A warm environment: It is best to have a space to practice yoga in which is warm and comfortable. The warmer the muscles are the less likely you are to overstretch yourself.

4. Yoga Mat: You will need a yoga mat to practice on or a carpet or floor which you do not slip on. You need to be barefoot so the surface beneath you needs to be warm.

5. Patience: When you approach yoga with patience and kindness this is what you will reap - an exercise which not only is a stress relief but also a way of developing yourself as a person. Be patient with yourself - Rome wasn't built in a day - and if you are patient and practice regularly you will have an exercise that will really bring you well-being.

Yoga Poses

Please note that if in any doubt about your physical fitness that you consult with your doctor beforehand.

The following is a free online yoga instruction on how to do some of the basic yoga poses. Follow along with the instructions until you can do the moves without using the videos.

1. Sun Salutation A

When practicing yoga one of the first yoga exercises to be taught is the sun salutation. This is a great way of being introduced to yoga.

The sun salutation, known in Sanskrit as Surya Namaskara, combines several different yoga positions in one sequence. If you have time for no other yoga practice in a day then doing the sun salutation 5 times is a wonderful way of adding strength, vitality and energy to your whole being.

Of course the best way of learning is finding a class near to you but this introductory video will help to guide you with the sun salutation:

2. Sun Salutation B

This second sun salutation is another great way of starting to learn and practice yoga. It follows along the same principles of sun salutation A with several additions.

I have personally been practicing yoga since the 80s and the sun salutations A and B are core to my yoga practice. I always start with these two yoga sequences. I usually do 3 repetitions of A and 2 of B.

Please note that in the video when the instructor jumps his feet back and then forward at the end that this takes many years practice. Stepping forward and back is fine as well. Do what you can do with your yoga poses and don't overdo it!

I hope you enjoy and are able to follow along:

Basic Guide To Yoga

Now you know how to do the basic postures of yoga you can then move on to doing more positions.

The following DVD shows you how to do a complete yoga workout and how to get yourself started with yoga.

My personal recommendation is that you use a DVD with the support of going to a class. Having an instructor guide you and correct any mistakes you are making is the best way to start learning.

But having a DVD to practice your yoga poses with when you are not at class is great motivation and a great way to get the most out of your yoga.

One of the monks I lived with learned yoga mainly out of a book and then used an audio CD to practice along with. He found this to be very beneficial and felt that the CD kept him motivated.

With the advent of DVDs I think that following along with a DVD can be as useful as a CD especially at the beginning while you are learning the basics or restarting after a break.

Go with what feels right with you.

But if I could give one recommendation it is that you start to practice yoga in some form or other: whether going to a class or watching and practicing along with a DVD.

In my own life I have found that the benefits of yoga are immense and I hope that I can inspire you to start to gain the stress relief that I have gained over the years through practicing yoga. Good luck...

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