Yoga for Stress Relief – Part 2

What is the Best Way to Learn Yoga for Stress Relief?

Yoga for stress relief really has to be learnt from a teacher. From experience I would have to say that you can’t really learn yoga from a book.

I tried to learn from a book (a 14 year old boy kind of try!) but I tried all the same.

Learning from a yoga instructor was much better for me. I really would recommend it.

I found that learning from a yoga master did the following:

• It inspired me

• It taught me how to do it properly

• It eliminated the little mistakes that beginners pick up

• It gave me confidence to then practise on my own

• Learning yoga with someone else meant that I had to turn up even if I didn’t really feel like practising.

I think that at the beginning it is really important to learn from someone who knows what they are doing. Learning it the right way from the first day means that you don’t learn bad habits. These bad habits are really hard to undo later on.

It is much more worthwhile investing time and money to learn yoga properly to start off with rather than spending years trying to re-learn it.

Learning in a class environment is also supportive. The other students help to keep the inspiration going.

Once you have learnt from a teacher and in a class, then it is possible to pick up a book and learn different poses.

In my case I was shown by the teachers the different poses in the book. I was then able to go back to the book to refresh my memory when I was practising on my own.

How do you find a good yoga teacher?

Most towns have classes of yoga.

My first suggestion is that it is good to get a recommendation from someone. Word of mouth is always a sound way of finding a good yoga teacher.

By having a recommendation you know that the teacher is likely to be good. It also means that you can go to the class with your friend which is a nice way to start practising yoga.

My second suggestion would be to try out a few different classes and teachers. The yoga that your friends love might not suit your body or your preferences.

By trying out a few different techniques and teachers you can then check out who is the best for you.

The Different Styles and Types of Yoga

Some of the different forms of yoga and their styles include:

Hatha yoga (gentle yoga)

A very gentle and calming form of yoga. Covers quite a range of different yoga practises but is generally slow and relaxed.

Ashtanga yoga

A very intensive and aerobic form of yoga. This is the practise that I have followed for a few years and is great for strength as well as agility. It is also called Power yoga.

Hot yoga

Not for the faint hearted! Literally. This form of yoga is practised in a heated room. The intention is to warm the muscles so you don’t damage yourself. To say you sweat a lot is an understatement!

Kundalini yoga

This system of yoga sees the body as being made up of 8 chakras (energy centres). By using rapid breathing with the different postures the practitioner moves energy up the body. The goal of this practise is to awaken your higher spirituality (enlightenment).

Yoga for Stress Relief – Is it the tool for you?

If there is only one exercise you have time for, then I would recommend yoga for stress relief.

Yoga for stress relief is great and a wonderful way of managing stress.

Not only is it great for the body but also great for the mind.

I recently went to visit a friend of my mother’s. She is in her 90s and is extremely healthy, both physically and mentally.

I asked her what her secret was. Her answer? Yoga. She has been practising yoga for most of her life and only recently stopped doing it around the age of 90!

That was a pretty good recommendation for me!

So if you are having problems with stress then I would really recommend you trying yoga out. Please visit a doctor beforehand if you have any health problems which might be aggravated by exercise.

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