Workplace Stress

A large proportion of our lives are spent at work. Work related stress therefore accounts for a large proportion of the stress generated in our lives.

Workplace Stress

Workplace stress is one of the biggest stressors in modern life. Many sick days are taken each year and many businesses feel the financial pinch of having workers off stressed.

According to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) in the UK, work-related stress, depression or anxiety accounted for an estimated 13.5 million lost working days in Britain in 2007/08.

This makes stress an extremely expensive loss for businesses: the HSE estimates that British industry loses £370 million a year due to stress.

What is work stress?

Work related stress is the stress that we feel due to and because of work. It is the stress that hits us while we are at work or because of incidents which have happened at work.

Stress at work effects a huge proportion of the population and there have been several government incentives (Health and Safety Guidelines in the UK) to help the stressed individuals out.

Being under this sort of pressure can be very draining on an individual. Confidence building can be needed to improve a situation.

Why is work related stress so rampant nowadays?

Having worked in some very stressful and competitive environments myself, I see that workplace stress is effecting more and more of us for the following reasons:

• Downsizing

Companies are constantly downsizing and adapting to keep up with competition. This means less job security and therefore more stress.

• Redundancies.

Many people are being made redundant in this current climate which not only puts pressure on those who go but also on those who stay.

I was personally involved in redundancy in my last company and I saw how much extra pressure the board were placing on the remaining staff: same work, half the amount of people. I see this across the board with companies. What does this equal? Yes, more stress.

• Increased competition

Although competition is not a bad thing, being in constant competition with colleagues and customers with ratings, reviews and approvals is tiring.

Having these reviews all the time (I certainly had my fair share of them in corporate life) can place a lot of workplace stress onto individuals.

• Lack of Support For Small Businesses

For those who have been made redundant, there are many who start up their own businesses. With the current climate financial support is not as easy to come by. Having sufficient financial backing is definitely a weight off a business' and therefore owner's shoulders hence less workplace stress.

Articles on Work Related Stress

The following articles go into more depth about work related stress:

Causes of Stress at Work

An article looking at what the causes of stress at work are: from longer hours to more sedentary work.

Work Related Stress Management

We look at what you can do to reduce stress in the workplace.

On a personal level I found 2 things helped me the most with stress at work. The first was swimming on a regular basis.

Secondly, I found that buying myself a QLINK made such a difference to how I felt at work and especially with computers (I am still wearing it now).

This is a little electromagnetic gadget that many golfers and Olympians are now wearing to increase concentration but is also great for stress relief.

If you are looking for similar products to help protect against Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) there is a really useful website I have found. All their products are designed to protect against being drained by EMF and I have personally found them to be invaluable with dealing with stress at work. Check them out here if you are interested.

Work Stress Relief

Part 2 in how to manage your workplace stress. We look at different methods you can use now to gain workplace stress relief.

Low Stress Jobs

This articles looks at the key to making your job a low stress job. We also look at several different jobs which are considered low stress.

Stress in Nursing

There are huge levels of stress in nursing. Not only do nurses have to work in a high pressurized environment but the decisions they make can literally be life or death decisions. So why is there such stress in nursing?

Stress Management for Nurses

We have seen that there are huge amounts of stress in nursing but what can nurses do about this? The following stress management for nurses article goes into some depth to explain different stress relief techniques.

Please note that these techniques can be applied for the reduction of stress at work in any other field.

Computer Stress

What is computer stress and why the increase in people being affected by it?

7 Great Tips for Computer Stress Relief

Computers are now a part of our everyday life but many of us are affected by computer stress. What different computer stress relief techniques are there?

I outline 7 great tips for stress relief from backing up your information to getting outside as much as possible.

Stress Management For Teachers

Teaching is becoming more challenging as a profession: more paperwork, more bureaucracy and more unruly classes.

This stress management for teachers article outlines 7 ways to deal with stress.

I recommend...

The tool I found most valuable in helping me with workplace stress was meditation. I found it made a huge difference not only to my work-life but also to the commute.

When living in a big city like London, having a pleasant commute, stress-free, makes a huge difference to anyone's day.

What are the products are recommended?

Both Holosync's The Awakening Prologue and Brainsync's MP3 downloads are products that I would wholly recommend.

I have been using Holosync's Awakening Prologue now for about 2 years and have found all 4 of the meditations to be invaluable to lowering stress levels.

When on a commute I often play the different Holosync meditations on my MP3 player and find that I can easily switch off and relax.

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