Workplace Stress Management

What tricks and stress relief tools are there to cope with stress at work?

Workplace stress management is something that is very important in order to cope with stress generally in our lives.

Due to the fact that we spend 5 or 6 days out of 7 working if we are stressed at work then we will find that we are stressed in our lives.

If we spend most of our week being stressed then it will start to affect our health.

Therefore we really need to focus on our work and how coping with workplace stress is important in order to combat this.

Workplace Stress Management

What techniques are there available to help with workplace stress management?

The stress relief techniques that I use to cope with stress at work are as follows:

• Practice breathing techniques.

One simple breathing exercise you can do is the following:

Breath in for a count of 4 (or whatever number you feel comfortable with) through your nose if possible.Hold your breath for a similar count (4 in this case). Relax. Feel the oxygen flooding to all parts of your body. Breathe out for the same count. Release all tension. Breathe in a relaxed and calm manner. Do this for a minute then stop. Start again until you feel relaxed.

You can do this sat at your desk or wherever you find yourself.

• Have a break every 2 hours.

Go for a walk outside or get up from your desk and wander around the office. Get a cup of tea or hot water.

• Keep yourself hydrated – drink lots of water.

The body needs about 8 cups of water a day. By keeping the body healthy you help to keep yourself in good condition to deal with stress.

• Learn that you can only do your best.

I have been in many workplaces where the workload was huge. By being firm with myself that I was not going to kill myself for this job, I learned to do my best but not more than what I was physically capable of. (In most cases I more than fulfilled their aspirations even with the workload).

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• Be firm with colleagues and bosses about taking on extra work.

You might think that this would add to stress but not so. By being firm with what you can and can’t do, you relieve stress in the long run.

If you work hard and do a good job then your colleagues and bosses are going to want to give you more work. Be firm when you can’t take on any more.

• Learn to say no.

It is very important this one. You keep saying yes, yes, yes until you burn out. Or you can stop being a martyr now and be kind to yourself.

By learning to say no you achieve two things. Firstly, your bosses know how much work you can do, they see what your limits are (yes, we all do have limits!). Secondly, you learn to have self respect, ‘I said no, instead of allowing it to build up and burn myself out!’

• Relieving stress with exercise

Exercise is really important in workplace stress management. By being fit, the body is in better shape to cope with the stresses and stains put on it by working.

Exercising, and especially sports like yoga and tai chi, is a great way of letting go of stress during a workday or after work has finished. It is much easier to switch off after work if you exercise. Please visit the link to find out more about relieving stress by exercise.

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