Work Stress Relief

Coping with workplace stress and leading a happy healthy life are closely linked. When we learn to deal with stress at work the benefits are reflected in the rest of our life.

This is part two of the article on work stress relief. Here are several more stress relief techniques and tips for coping with stress in the work place:

• Learn to delegate

If you’ve got too much work then ask others to help out. You’ll be surprised how others will react. We always presume no one wants to help but sometimes people are only too willing to help.

By not telling your managers and colleagues that you have too much on, you add to your stress levels.

But it is important that you do it in a proactive way. Ask your managers or colleagues to help rather than talking behind their backs that the work levels are ridiculous etc.

By talking behind people’s backs we add to our stress levels – use this energy to change the stressful situation you are in and get help! ! In doing this you bring about your own work stress relief.

• Make sure you get out of the office for lunch.

Don’t sit at your desk for lunch. Get out for a break, a walk, a sit in the park, listen to music, meet with a friend. By being at your desk all day you only add to more stress.

• Avoid the negative and critical people in the office.

This type of person creates stress in your life. You won’t feel energised by them and they seem to sap your energy.

They put you down and make you feel bad about yourself. Be kind but firm with them. You don’t have to let them put you down.

• Learn to focus on one task at a time

When I have had lots of work on I have found this work stress relief technique absolutely wonderful in coping with stress. The trick with this is to clear your desk and place all outstanding things in one pile.

You then pull one item or chore at a time and then focus on that, and solely that. Try not to get distracted but keep your focus. If someone comes to give you more work, ask them to leave it in the pile.

If someone wants to distract you and you are really busy – ask them to come back later. Again be firm.

By doing this technique you do the same amount of work (if not more) but it is a lot less stressful (try it – it certainly works for me).

• Keep breathing

It’s very easy to forget to breathe. Imagine yourself breathing lovely ocean deep breaths.

• Remember that it’s just a job.

We take our jobs very seriously, too seriously sometimes. And this affects our health. Do what you can do, but again don’t kill yourself for your job. Be kind.

• Get a bag of nuts to eat at your desk.

Not only does this give us energy for the day, it is also really healthy.

• Keep your office space as tidy as possible.

By having a tidy desk you help yourself to focus on the task at hand. By having paper everywhere, you will end up going from one thing to the next and not feel like you have got anything done.

• Some days it feels like we have got nothing done…

There are days like that. We work all day and feel as if we have done nothing. This is life. Some days are like that. Remember that some days are very productive. Life is a balance.

• Use affirmations in coping with workplace stress.

Your mind is a big factor in your stress relief. Notice how your mind will start to repeat things like, ‘I’ve got too much work…I can’t cope…there’s too much to do…etc’, when you get busy. Repeating, ‘I am coping…I can only do so much…I am doing wonderfully well…etc’, make a tremendous difference.

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Stress Relief at Work

As you can see, there are lots of wonderful work stress relief techniques.

Even if you only try one of the above techniques out you will start to notice a difference.

Keep persevering and be patient. Patience is key to stress relief. Patience and kindness.

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