What is Stress?

Stress is all around us. Stress affects our health and relationships. But what is stress? What is it doing to our health?

What is stress?

This part of the website is an introduction to stress, we look at what is stress and also what the definition of stress is.

So many of us are affected by stress in our lives. But for most people it is neither clear what stress is, nor what society really defines stress as.

Stress seems to be in the news all the time nowadays but what is it? And you suffering from it?

What is stress?

Stress is a reaction which occurs in the body when we are faced with certain circumstances.

For example, when we move house, which can be a very stressful situation, the body reacts.

Stress causes the body to start pumping adrenaline around the body, the heart rate increases and we have, in the short term, more mental clarity and energy.

This is the fight or flight syndrome. This means that the body is preparing itself for this stressful situation.

And in the short term this ‘stress’ is very helpful. We get things done. We have more energy.

But in the long term, the health effects can be disastrous. In our example of moving house, if the deal falls through and we have to wait another 6 weeks for the paperwork, our stress levels go through the roof. The body can only react to stress for a certain amount of time before it needs to rest.

Imagine lions in the Serengeti. When they hunt, their bodies pump with adrenaline and their minds are focused to an extreme. But afterwards they spend most of the day sleeping and resting. They need to recover. Stress requires that.

We humans spend most of our time ‘hunting’ and only a short period of time ‘resting’. No wonder we are so tired and stressed out.

So in this part of the website we look at what is stress, the definition of stress , what causes stress and the symptoms of stress.

What Is Stress?

Definition of Stress

In order to find out more about stress and what stress is we look at what the definition of stress is.

A guide into how to define stress so that you can be clearer about stress itself.

What Are The Causes of Stress?

What are the main causes of stress? What things are key stressors in the modern day world?

A list of stress causes could in truth be practically infinite. There seem to be so many ‘things’ which stress us out in this busy, hectic paced world.

What are the main stressors and stress causes?

Symptoms of Stress

What are the symptoms of stress? What are the physical and mental symptoms you need to be looking out for?

In what ways does stress show up in the mental, emotional and physical area of your life?

This guide outlines the different symptoms which show up when stress is around.

Example of Stress

Learning about what stress is

I remember working in sales in London. I had just graduated from university and needed to earn money.

The job in itself was extremely stressful and there was a lot of

workplace stress. I had targets to meet and lots of people to call on the phone – 50 calls a day was my target.

It was challenging to say the least.

But it was at this time that I started to question what stress was all about. I started to ask myself what is stress. I started to question what I could do to help myself.

I asked myself how I could face the stress that was in my life.

I started to read self help books and started to meditate every day.

My stress levels decreased. I started to understand the question of ‘what is stress’ and what I could do about it.

It made such a difference. It made me feel that I wasn’t alone in feeling stressed and that there were other people out there in the same position. Most importantly I realized that there were things I could do to combat stress.

I realize now in hindsight that there are places like the monastery or recovery centers like Narconon. Indeed, sometimes it is helpful to seek treatment through a place like Narconon who will help you deal with these problems and addictions too.

So by asking myself about stress, challenging myself to look at how I was adding to my stress, I learned and grew.

The Way Out of Stress

Step One

So by looking at your life and looking at how stress affects it really helps to firstly admit there is a problem. So this is the first step - working out what stress is. Once you understand it you can then see where it is occurring in your life.

Step Two

The second step therefore is working out if you have any symptoms of stress in your life.

By looking at the symptoms of stress you can then identity if you are stressed and if it is affecting you.

Step Three

The third step is working out what is causing this stress. By looking at what causes stress is very important because once you have identified what is causing the stress you can then do something about this.

By defining and understanding exactly what is stress, we identify the problem, the illness.

And once we know what and where the illness is, then we can heal it.

And this is what this website is about: showing you that you have choices when it comes to stress. You can do something and that there are very real, and very useful techniques out there that not only work but work really, really well. Techniques like meditation, exercise, and yoga.

So hopefully these articles will start to help you to see how stress affects your life. It is not always a pretty sight but it is a sight that we need to see.

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