A Visualization Meditation Video and Script

A Five Minute Guided Meditation and Visualization For Relaxation and Stress Relief

A visualization meditation is a very simple technique for entering quickly into a relaxed and calm state.

The technique used in visualizations is to create an imaginary world into which the listener enters. By visualizing a beautiful and peaceful environment it helps to induce a calm and peaceful state within the listener.

Most people find it much easier to enter into a meditative state when they are being led in a visualization. The feeling of truly being in the environment described helps to be in a deeply relaxed state. The mind is focused on the environment around them so thoughts and worries melt away.

The following video is a guided visualization onto a paradise island. It really is a beautiful place (I go there often!).

"I loved this! Thank you! =]" Youtube User

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A Visualization Meditation Script

The following is a simple script that you can record onto a MP3 player and use when traveling or before going off to bed. This can used instead of the above stress relief video:

"Take a deep breath in and out...


You have earned this break...

I now want you to take 3 deep breaths in and out and at the end of these 3 breaths you will be really relaxed and calm.

Breathe in...and then breathe out... one

Breathe in...and then breathe out... two

Breathe in...and then breathe out... three

You now find yourself on a warm tropical paradise island. You are stood on a beach. The sand is white and feels so gloriously cool beneath your feet.

You see that the ocean is just 5 paces in front of you and that the water is so smooth and clear that you think that it is actually crystal.

You also notice that behind you there are palm trees: green, brown, luxuriant and relaxing colors. And in the palm trees are parrots, birds of paradise and other exotic birds. You see the amazing colors fly through the air: purple, gold, violet, sky blue, and you hear the wonderful bird song.

You feel so relaxed and calm...

You breathe in and out...

You breathe in and out...

You relax like you have never relaxed before...

This is truly paradise and all your inner organs reap the benefits of being in such a beautiful space...

You are healed of any discomfort...

You walk towards the ocean with slow, relaxed steps. You notice for the first time that you are wearing shorts without shoes on so you walk into the water.

The water is amazing, the temperature like bathwater. It is so relaxing and you feel totally at peace.

You stand in the water and with every breath you take you let go of any stress, worry and you allow this visualization meditation to penetrate deep into your soul.

Breathe in... and breathe out... I am calm and relaxed

Breathe in... and breathe out... I release my worries into the sea...

Breathe in... and breathe out... my heart overflows with joy at the abundance in my life...

Breathe in... and breathe out... I smile for how can I not smile at the wonderful life that I have...

And rest...

Let go...

Breathe in and out

Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you...

And when you are ready start to wander back to the beach and face the sea again.

You have had the most amazing journey but it is now time to return home... This visualization meditation is now coming to an end.

I now want you to breathe in 3 times with me and when you reach the end of the third breath you will start to move your body and open your eyes. You will feel invigorated and wonderfully relaxed. If you are going off to sleep then you will sleep deeply and calmly. If you are carrying on with activities your mind will be calm and relaxed.

Breathe in... and breathe out... one

Breathe in... and breathe out... two

Breathe in... and breathe out... three."

I hope that you have enjoyed the visualization meditation script and that you are able to record it onto MP3 so that you can listen to it.

May you be well and may you truly be relaxed and calm.

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