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Stress Reduction Workshop

Please find below a list of testimonials from people who have attended the different workshops:

“I’ve always been a very active and vibrant person, but I was never able to just stop, take a step back and relax. So when I saw the course advertised I jumped at the chance.

When the day at work was a particularly hectic one I would go to the one hour course in the afternoon and leave feeling much more relaxed and calm.

The course consisted of different ways to breath, Tai Chi, stress relief, how to sleep well and how to eat healthily.

This course was brilliant. I would recommend this course to everyone, because in today’s hectic world, we need to stop, take a break and do something for our bodies."

Anja S, Brighton

“The workshops were really relaxing. The reason I joined was I was suffering from panic attacks (after being involved in a conflict between a couple who were living in the flat below us at that time).

I learned some very useful breathing techniques and it proved to be very useful when I would feel anxious at times.

Working in a quite tense environment every day, it has helped me as well in reducing the tension that I unconsciously feel every day at work.

His workshops gave me a moment to relax and switch off. Definitely to be recommended to people who deal with panic attacks, stressful work environments and stress in general, to relax and release tension from neck and shoulders.”

An Van L, Brighton

"The reason I became interested in the stress relief workshops that Piers runs was because at that time in my life there was a lot of aggravation and upset going on with my working life, the manager from hell getting on top of me and the constant battering of my confidence was beginning to take at toll.

It was mentioned to me in passing conversation by one of my colleagues that they were attending Piers workshop of an evening and they started to talk to me about all the benefits they were experiencing.

I have to admit in the beginning I was a bit sceptical and wasn’t quite sure that this would work for me but I was ready to give it a go and I am so glad I did.

I found the workshops to be very friendly, every one seemed to be in the same boat and were looking to improve their coping mechanisms and have fun doing so.

The classes were very relaxed and the atmosphere was extremely welcoming and very genuine. Piers used his past and present experiences; even very personal ones to help explain to us what the techniques that he was instilling in us can do to help when faced with different situations.

It was reassuring to know that he was willing to talk about his own personal experiences with us; it made our relationship with in the group much tighter and increased my understanding and learning.

Knowing that he willing to listen, understand and provide us with the tools to cope with everyday situations helped. Each session had a different theme to it and different ways to approach stress and every day problems. I came away from each session with a new awareness of how to cope with stress as well as feeling very refreshed and calm.

Piers is an excellent teacher, his style of teaching is very calm and collected. He always made an effort to speak everyone as though he was talking to you alone and he was very much on our level and made every thing seems that much easier to handle.

He explained and gave reasons for what he was showing us and was patience and willing to listen to our questions and gave very reasonable and down to earth responses.

I found he had a wealth of knowledge that he would willingly share and impart to you once you had tapped in to it. He enabled me to see the bigger picture and explained a lot of what stress was about and why we insisted on hanging on to it and internalising it.

I will admit if some one had told me all of this I would probably have laughed, but as it is often said it some times takes some one else to show what’s in front of you.

Since attending these workshops I have really noticed a difference in myself and the way I deal with the every day stress. I have taken a completely different approach to life.

I try not allow other people's negativity at affect me and my routine and I have gained so much more confidence in being able to handle myself in difficult and awkward situations which would have before fazed me.

I have been given a whole new way of looking at things and tools to help me deal with them. I am a much calmer and more relaxed person than I was before I can now remove myself from a situation and deal with it with a more dignified way.

People have even noticed my new attitude and have said on a number of occasions how ‘chilled out’ I appear to be and it’s really nice to have some control back. I am now in charge of my stress levels and how I attempt to deal with them and that is really invigorating.

I would recommend this course to one and all. It is the perfect answer to how to deal with a stressful work environment or for any one just interested in learning new stress relieving strategies.

The course is the best way of moving forward and releasing you of every day working woes. In my view the course is worth every penny."

Ali F, Brighton

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