Being Balanced Stress Training Day

What people need to know about stress and how they can minimise the risks of stress in their lives


The Being Balanced Stress Training Day has been developed over several years in order to meet the needs of organizations and individuals that recognize the risks that stress and workplace stress have on their businesses.

Workplace Stress

This course is specifically designed for people who have become stressed or who get stressed easily. It is both for those who are in charge and for those people who have difficulties in coping with stress.

The course is fully experiential and practical, involving exercises, techniques and tools which not only empower the individual attendees but also give them tangible tools to take back into their lives.

The course is a culmination of over 20 years experience in stress management and management positions. The course is held in a beautiful training centre in the Pennines, West Yorkshire and much of the teaching is outdoors. This helps to ground and relax the individuals and also helps the information to enter deeply into the mind – the more relaxed we are, the more deeply the information enters.

"I am writing to thank you for the very enlightening and interesting day at Hebden Bridge . The location was truly amazing and a perfect setting for the content of the day."

Adrian Pickersgill, Schools Catering Manager, Doncaster Council

How to Book The Being Balanced Stress Training Day

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Via the website form below or by phone: 07789 683 430

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Call to discuss course specifics and organise dates for the training.

What People Will Learn on This Course:

• How to recognize what stress is both in themselves and in work colleagues

• How to deal with stress arising in themselves

• An awareness of how you as an individual impact those around you and how you can change this from a negative impact to a positive impact

• What individuals can do to train themselves to be aware of their actions in causing stress

• Stress management tools to keep them balanced

• Stress management tools to share with stressed colleagues and employees

“Just a thank you for a very informative, mind-provoking and interactive day on the Being Balanced Stress Training Day.

The venue was superb and the settings calm and relaxing. I was, I must admit very sceptical before attending, however as the day progressed found it more and more stimulating and very enjoyable.

Working with providing a front line service that is demanding, ever changing and challenging does lead to stressful situations.

Using the methods I learned on the day and the subsequent masterclass material has been invaluable in altering my stress levels and I now approach life in a calmer, more positive frame of mind.

Thank you for introducing me to the methods.”

Michael Kirwan, Public Buildings Maintenance Manager, Doncaster Council

Stress Training Content


Lay out of the day, content and objectives

Part 1 – Learning about Stress

• What is stress and what role individuals have in stress

• How to identify stress in others and in themselves

• Being Balanced Technique (BBT) 1 & 2: Balanced Breathing and meditation

Hebden Bridge Sunset

Part 2 – Connecting to the Outdoors

• Connecting to nature – learning how when we change how we are feeling affects the environment around us

• Learning about how we affect those we interact with – demonstration and exercises on what we project

• BBT 3 – Qigong/ Tai Chi. We use this ancient Chinese exercise to help bring balance

Part 3 – Connecting to Ourselves

• Learning how when we take care of ourselves we can take care of others

• BBT 4: Nature Awareness – Learning how stillness creates balance

• Facing our fears – learning how to face our fears in order to release stress

Part 4 – Integrating the Techniques

• BBT 5: Breathing Techniques – A technique for stilling the mind and bringing clarity to decisions

• Recap on meditation – with guided meditation

• Summary of techniques and sharing.

Comments from Previous Attendees

• As for the content, I thought this was very well balanced.

• The focus on the inner self, while absorbing the sights and sounds of the fantastic and private setting, was superb.

• Your delivery of a varied and compelling series of tasks and exercises seemed quite natural, logical and perfectly appropriate.

• I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons of the day which, I feel, were well tailored and paced to meet my particular needs.

• The meditation was very relaxing.

• I will be able to use the breathing techniques within the office.

• Will use breathing and meditation again definitely.

• Excellent course…

• Enjoyable and worthwhile…

• I enjoyed being in a calm, relaxing atmosphere both indoors and out.

• You provided a well thought out course making people feel comfortable.

Who Should Attend?

For anyone who is effected by stress or anxiety, those in stressful jobs, those who have stressful lives, Executives, Business Managers, Senior Management, Team Leaders. HR Dept, Health & Safety, Line Managers, Occupational Health Dept, Teachers.

“The experience was both a release and an awakening – the beauty of the location and the various challenges I underwent there connected me with a part of myself adult life rarely allows me to access.

The Being Balanced Stress Training course also enabled me to articulate thoughts that I have been trying to formulate for some time.

I left Piers and Michelle with a greater sense of clarity and joy than I have felt for some time.”

Ursula Gill Holden, Teacher

Cost & Location

Cost of the course is £950 for 6 – 10 delegates if booking through one company.

For individuals the cost of the day is £175 per person.

The duration of the course is 1 full day and the location is in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, which is located between Manchester & Leeds.

For in-house training, one on one training or further quotes and details about open training courses please contact us on the below contact details.

About The Trainers

Piers Cross has worked as a stress management consultant for the past 2 years. Previous to that he studied International Business and has a City background working for several Fortune 500 companies. He also brings 3 years experience learning stress management techniques in a Buddhist monastery.

Michelle Silcox brings 10 years experience as a complimentary therapist and has set up a thriving therapy centre in West Yorkshire. Previous to this she worked internationally and in management.


If you have any questions about this stress training course please contact Piers Cross on Tel: 07789 683 430, Email: or use the form below.

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