Stress Relief with Tai Chi and Qigong (Part Two)

Why Stress Relief with Tai Chi and Qigong?

Again, like yoga, stress relief with tai chi and qigong go perfectly together.

They help to manage stress in the following ways:

• They slow the breathing down

• They help to get us back into our bodies

• By focusing on the movement of the body we give our minds something other than our thought to focus on. Very important.

Teacher or book?

I personally feel that when starting any exercise I really would recommend seeing a teacher or attending a class.

Teachers can correct any mistakes in your practise right at the beginning.

But I would say that it is very important to practice at home as well. This is where a good book on Tai Chi or Qigong comes in.

The first Qigong book I ever read was by a Malaysian Chinese Martial Arts expert called Wong Kiew Kit. It is very simple and the exercises are easy to pick up. This book was where I started to learn qigong myself – practicing from a book in my mother’s kitchen! I wouldn’t recommend it but it was a start!

So my recommendation is to find a good teacher or class (someone who is recommended in your area and then get yourself a good book on the subject.

I will be looking at a few other books over the following months so I will tell you what I think of them.

Why Tai Chi/ Qigong?

I’ll be honest with you. My preference is for Qigong although I did study Tai Chi at class for a year.

I practise Qigong practically everyday and have been for about 10 years. Qigong sings to my soul.

I love qigong.


Well, it makes me feel good and every time I do it I think to myself: ‘This is wonderful’.

It gives me clarity and if I am really stressed I practise qigong first.

A few years ago I attended a family funeral. I was in the monastery at the time, so was just attending the funeral for 2 days and then going back.

The funeral was very stressful and I had to talk to many people. I wasn’t used to talking to many people so my mind was racing and I couldn’t rest.

I spent an hour doing qigong and then meditated. My mind cleared and I felt really different.

I have used this technique many times over the years. I use it for sleeping, for stress, for energy. You name it I use qigong.

Qigong is really wonderful for stress relief. So find a class locally and see what difference it makes to you.

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