Stress Relief with Swimming

Swimming is a great aerobic exercise which is very useful in combating stress. Getting to your local pool for a swim is a great way of letting go of stress.

Stress relief with swimming

Stress relief with swimming is a really wonderful way of relieving stress. It can be very relaxing when done at a slow pace, gliding through the water. Or it can be a real physical work-out when going full speed practicing the front crawl.

The focus you put into swimming helps you to unwind during a long day or after a day’s work. You release the stress & strains and gain great relief from plunging into the pool.

The Health Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is another really healthy sport and is similar to yoga in that it is suitable for all age groups. The water helps to support the body and injuries are less likely to occur than if practicing a land sport.

The health benefits of swimming are as follows:

• The whole body gets a workout

• It’s great for the heart and for your body’s muscle strength and therefore great for stress relief - healthy body, healthy mind.

• It helps your posture and the body’s flexibility through practicing the different strokes.

• Stress relief is gained through the focus and coordination of the breath required to swim certain strokes.

• Your mind is given a break while you swim – a great stress relief!

Will Swimming Help me Reduce Stress?

In one word, yes.


This goes back to the point earlier about getting back into your body. By focusing your attention on our body and physical self you allow yourself a break from your mind.

This ‘break’ allows your mind to rest and to gain perspective. Sometimes the best way of solving a problem is to not think about it!

Have you ever found it impossible to think of a word and no matter how hard you try you can’t remember it? Ten minutes later when you’re washing the car ‘Bang’ the word comes to you!

Relieving stress with swimming has the same effect. By focusing on something other than our minds we allow clear thinking to arrive.

The stressful situation becomes much more manageable once we have had a break.

Swimming also requires a lot of coordination and effort to stop ourselves from sinking. This effort and concentration mean that you can’t (even if you wanted to!) think of anything else.

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