Stress Relief Techniques

What are the main stress relief techniques you can use to manage your everyday stress?

Walking meditation is a great stress relief technique

Some of the stress relief techniques available today range from meditation to breathing techniques and from massage to acupuncture.

This article looks at the different techniques available.

The truth is that there are many stress relieving techniques out there. The trick is finding out which ones work for you and which ones don’t.

And how do you find that out?

• By trying them out for yourself

• And through recommendations.

In the next few articles you will find my own personal recommendations about stress relief techniques. But from there it is important that you try things out yourself.

Some techniques will instantly switch a light on within you. ‘Ah yes, I’ve always wanted to have massage!’ you might say. Try these ones out first. These techniques are more likely to work as you already have an affinity to them. If you don’t fancy doing something, well, you’re not going to be very motivated are you?

Are stress management techniques expensive?

Stress relief techniques

Certain stress management techniques are quite expensive – acupuncture, massage and healing all cost around £40-£50 ($80-$100) per hour.

If money is not a problem then try them out to see what appeals and works best for you. Some of these tools can help radically so are worth the money.

If money is tight then options like learning to meditate, relieving stress by exercise and breathing techniques would be a good starting point.

I have made as many recommendations or not as the case may be below.

Stress Relief Techniques

• Meditation

The cornerstone of stress relief, meditation is like exercise for the mind. If you want a fit and stress free mind then meditation is for you. The following articles go into more depth about meditation:

1. Introduction About Meditation and Stress

2. Facts About Meditation and Stress

3. How Does Meditation Relieve Stress?

4. Meditation For Stress Management

5. Free Meditation Resource

6. Sleep meditation - a video to help you sleep

7. Visualization Meditation Video & Script - Watch this relaxing video or record your own

• Relieving Stress By Exercise

Much of your stress is born in the mind. Therefore by getting into the body with exercise you help to relieve stress. We look at several different exercises which are excellent at relieving stress.

• Art Therapy as a Stress Relief

Art therapy is a wonderful way of releasing stored up stress and anger. Not only can you tap into and release past hurts but you can also let go of current stressful situations.

I have included several exercises on how to do this magical technique plus several videos as well. Enjoy!

• Stress Management Journal

A stress management journal is an important tool for combating stress. Journaling can help to uncover past hurts and patterns which are causing stress today.

By journaling you can also uncover the ways of resolving these problems yourself. It is a great tool which can be picked up at any time and used to deal with stressful situations as they arise.

• Breathing techniques

Another very simple stress management tip. Not only can you use these breathing techniques at work but at any time during the day.

If you know how to breathe then you can learn these wonderful techniques.

• Walking meditation

Another cornerstone in relieving stress: you can use this technique walking to work, on your lunch break or whenever you can walk. Simple to learn and wonderful for stress management.

• Acupuncture

To be honest not one of my favourite options even though a good friend is an acupuncturist (I am not too fond of needles). Although it doesn’t suit me, I have heard that some doctors prescribe acupuncture as a means of stress relief. Can make huge changes in a very short space of time.

For an interesting article which explains acupuncture in a little more depth please click here.

• Reiki

Reiki is a wonderful form of stress relief. Reiki itself is a form of hands on healing and works on a very deep level. A regular treatment of this therapy can have huge benefits in the reduction of stress.

This article explains in more depth about Reiki and how to find a practitioner in your local area.

• Stress Management Exercises

What 3 simple ways can you start to relieve your stress in an instant? This article looks at several techniques that can literally change your day and you stress levels in 5 minutes.

• Hypnotherapy

I have found hypnotherapy to be invaluable in my own stress relief. Not only does it work on the unconscious mind allowing us to connect to many blockages we have in our lives, but it also helps us to relax.

I listen to hypnotherapy CDs on a daily basis and I find that it truly helps me not only to reduce stress but also to attain the goals I want in life.

Hypnotherapy works on blocks you might have picked up in your childhood - things like: "I have to work hard or I'm not doing it right." With hypnotherapy you can start to undo these unconscious tapes.

To find a practitioner close to you please visit the excellent Hypnotherapist Register.

• Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is one of the stress relief techniques that I use regularly. Massage helps to relax the body's muscles and to relieve tension stored up in the physical body.

I used self-massage on a regular basis while working in the corporate environment. I found that I used to get really tight shoulders from sitting in front of the computer so by massaging my shoulders I released tension and stress.

Stress can also cause stress headaches and massage therapy can be an excellent way of combating this.

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