Stress Relief Products

Products For Stress Management and Stress Relief

The following stress relief products will help you to dramatically reduce your stress levels and increase your well-being.

These products are designed to help you take charge of your stress levels, and give you the tools to cope with stress as it arises in your life.

From audio CDs to MP3 downloads, and from helping children deal with stress to products for adults, there are products to suit everybody's needs.

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101 Ways To Relieve Stress - Ebook

Stress is a phenomena which affects large numbers of people, maybe even you.

The ebook The Well Being Way - 101 Ways To Relieve Stress is part story and part stress management guide.

Through exploring the life of Piers Cross, who worked under extremely stressful conditions in London in the 90s, and then his journey to living in a Buddhist monastery for 3 years, the book guides you on the journey out of stress.

What are the tools he learned to cope with stress and how did he do it? More importantly how can you do the same? Easy to read and simple exercises to follow. The Well Being Way is your journey to well being...

Stress Management For Children MP3s

Children are prone to their parents stress.

If you are feeling stressed in your life at the moment then chances are your child will be feeling stressed as well.

The following MP3 downloads have been created especially for children to help with stress, anxiety and sleepless nights.

If you find you have no time to unwind at night because your children are still awake this could well be the solution. Or if you find that your child is restless and anxious then these MP3s could really help.

Meditation CDs & Downloads

Meditation is an invaluable tool for stress management. I love meditating and find that this is the first thing that I teach people who are stressed.

Simple and easy to do, especially with someone guiding you, meditation helps to reduce stress really quickly.

These CDs and downloads help to guide you through meditation and therefore into the realms of well-being and relaxation.

Affirmations For Stress Management

Affirmations were taught to me by my Buddhist teacher when I was really struggling with a lot of stress in my life. I found that I used to mentally beat myself up and so he suggested using affirmations.

I found that they really worked and now recommend you to use them. The following product uses affirmations with up to date technology in order for you to get the most benefit from the affirmations.

You can listen to the CDs while sleeping, working or doing other things and in a short space of time, really help to change your internal dialogue and create a healthy, stress-free reality...

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