Stress Relief Games: Three Ways of Relieving Stress

What Stress Relief Games Can You Use To Help Manage Your Stress Levels?

Below you will find several stress relief games you can use to help combat stress today.

These games are not the type you will be able to play on the computer. As we spend a lot of our time on the computer, having stress relieving games which are not computer based will help to reduce your levels of stress.


How do you usually feel after using the computer? Do you feel energized or drained? A lot of people find their energy levels drop after being on the computer so the following games are either outdoors based or non computer related.

Stress Relief Games in the summer meadows

Stress Relief Games

1. Games and sports

Find an exercise or physical game that you really enjoy or have always wanted to try.

By doing a game that you really enjoy you combat stress head on. Not only will doing something you really love and are focussed on take your focus away from stress but will also bring a lot of joy to you. Joy and happiness are another wonderful way of combating stress.

By being physical you connect with your body and give no space or energy to the stressful thoughts in your head. Some great stress relief games and sports are:

• Yoga

• Golf

• Swimming

• Tennis

• Squash

• Martial arts

• Walking

• Running

• Team sports like basketball, soccer, rugby or American football.

For more information on Relieving Stress with Exercise please click here.

2. Parlor & Board Games

Playing cards, board games and other indoor activities are another great form of stress relief.

By engaging with others and not focusing on the stressful problem, you help to alleviate stress. We are what we focus on, so by focusing on something fun, playful and joyful we become that.

Some wonderful games are: backgammon, chess, charades, cluedo, monopoly (can be stressful if you don’t have any hotels!), a multitude of card games and many more.

3. Children’s Games

Having worked with children I would really recommend playing with kids as a great way of relieving stress.

I know this sounds like a joke (how can playing with kids be not stressful?) but bear with me. By engaging with children on their level rather than by your agenda not only helps you to be more playful and happy but also helps you to connect to your child (a major benefit!).

Again all your focus is on the children, and children being very much in the present don’t allow you to get lost in your worries and stresses.

Play along with their games, enjoy yourself and let go into the present moment: play hide and seek, imaginary games, tag or whatever your children come up with.

And if you don’t have children? Go to a quiet woods and play by yourself running through trees, climbing hills, making dens and letting your hair down. Who’s going to see you? And do you really care if what you do makes your stress disappear?

If I had the choice between playing stress relief games outdoors and on the computer I know what I would do every time... Wait, I’m just going outside!

Enjoy yourself and have fun!

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