Stress Reduction Workshop

Do you suffer from stress and want to learn how to cope with it? Do you find yourself being pushed around by stressful situations but think it is time to take charge in your life?


If you answer yes to any of the above questions then a stress reduction workshop might just the thing you need.

Stress plays a powerful part in a lot of people's lives. But it doesn't have to.

Stress can be managed.

Stress is manageable.

And this is what we will be teaching in this workshop. How to empower ourselves when we are confronted with stress.

It's time we take charge of our lives.

What will you learn in this stress reduction workshop?

If you have ever felt pushed around by stressful situations either at work or at home then this workshop will benefit you.

"Since attending these workshops I have really noticed a difference in myself and the way I deal with the every day stress. I have taken a completely different approach to life." Ali F, Brighton

This workshop will empower you with the tools to cope.

We will cover the following topics on this stress reduction workshop:

• What is stress management and why you need it in your life

We will be looking at the basics of what stress is and how it can impact you both physically and mentally.

We will also look at the different stress symptoms that you need to look out for.

• Stress reduction techniques to cope with stress

We will be learning both ancient and modern stress relief techniques.

Among the tools you will learn will be:

Meditation - how to switch the mind off and be able to cope with the stressful situations life throws up.

Tai chi/ Qigong - we will mainly be focusing on 18 Form Qigong which is an ancient Chinese art of moving meditation. It is a magical way of de-stressing and so easy to learn. You will be able to practice this ancient art at home after this workshop.

Visualizations - we will be practicing different forms of visualizations in order to learn how to relax and de-stress.

Breathing techniques - Simple breathing techniques which can be practiced at the supermarket, sat in a traffic-jam or at your desk at work. These tools will totally revolutionize stress for you.

"I have been given a whole new way of looking at things and tools to help me deal with them." Ali F

Why attend a workshop like this?

There are two reasons:

1. In this simple and fun workshop you will learn the tools so that stress won't need to be a problem any more in your life.

You will become the master of stress and not the other way round.

By learning how to cope with stress you can then start getting on with the job of enjoying life again.

2. These techniques work.

I worked in the City in London in the 90s in publishing and banking. These were high pressurized environments.

I then spent 3 years studying stress reduction techniques with some of the most senior Buddhist monks in the West.

To read comments from people who have attended the course please click here.

“This course was brilliant. I learnt so many things” Anja S, Brighton

About the facilitator

Picture of Piers Cross

This stress reduction workshop will be run by the founder of Stress Relief Choices, Piers Cross.

Piers spent the 1990s working in Paris, London and Sydney working for financial institutions and other multinationals.

These were high pressure environments with high levels of stress. Piers started to investigate the different ways of reducing stress and started to meditate daily.

After time as a volunteer in Africa, he then decided to completely change his life focus.

He joined a Buddhist monastery and spent several years studying meditation, stress relief techniques, qigong and yoga.

On leaving the monastery, he found these tools to be invaluable in coping with the stresses and strains of modern life.

He started to work in a corporate environment again, finding that these stress relief techniques helped on a day to day basis.

Colleagues and clients showed an immense interest in these techniques so Piers started to run workshops at his workplace.

Stress Reduction Workshops

If you are interested in attending stress reduction workshops please contact Piers on the below contact form.

Feel free to ask any questions. These workshops are now based in the Manchester area but if there is interest then courses can be organized closer to your location.

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