Stress Nutrition

When you have stress nutrition intake is lowered. In what 5 ways is your nutrition intake lowered and how can you combat this?

This article looks at the relationship of how when we feel stress nutrition and our intake of it decreases. What are the ways that you might be creating a vicious cycle whereby you are not getting the correct nutrition and in the long run creating more stress?

This article also looks at 5 ways of combating these patterns.

Read the following 5 points and see if you see any patterns that you are currently involved in. Do you do any of the following which might affect your stress nutrition balance?

1. Poor Food Choices

When you are stressed and buzzing you can often make poor food choices. Do you find that you take the quick option rather than the more sane and balanced approach?

We often approach life by taking short term pleasure resulting in long term pain. The food might taste good and be quick to eat but will it result in your body getting more stressed because it is not receiving the right nutrition?

We often don't want to take the option of eating something which doesn't taste as good but will the result be short term discomfort for long term health? Which do you want?

What are the best stress relief foods that you can eat?

2. Not Drinking Water

You have probably heard the saying that the human body needs about 2 litres of water a day. Well, when you are stressed how regularly do you do this? We can often get carried away with work and doing things that we neglect drinking enough water.

I always have a bottle of water by my desk or a cup of hot water or ginger tea while I am working. If you can make it a routine to stop every short while to take a sip you will find it easy to make up your water quota. If the water is not there you will not do it. So prepare yourself before you start work with the right liquids to keep you going.

3. Skipping Meals

This is another way that our nutrition levels drop due to stress. Again, you get busy, so busy that you forget the time or keep putting having food off, "I'll just do one more thing..."

What is the remedy? I have found that when I am working on my own that I set my alarm once an hour. I put the computer on stand by so I don't have to finish what I am doing or close the programs that I have been using.

This enables me to stop to have meals no matter what I am doing. When I have eaten I turn the computer on and wherever I left off is still open and ready to go.

Another option is getting in some exercise or by getting outside for a walk. By exercising you help to create an appetite and helps to balance you out to see how you are feeling, "Yes, I really am hungry!"

4. Too Much Caffeine

Drinking too much caffeine found in coffee, tea and some soft drinks can have a bad effect on your stress nutrition levels. We often have more caffeine when we are stressed in order to keep us going.

But too much caffeine leads to a lack of concentration, and of course to sleep problems which in turn leads to more stress.

So be aware of when you are taking caffeine out of habit rather than need. Do you need to have 10 cups a day or will one in the morning and one after lunch be enough?

5. Eating Junk Food

Eating at home is not the norm nowadays. We often eat out and can get a quick fix meal in minutes. But a quick fix meal can be lacking in the nutrition that you need and can again upset the stress nutrition balance.

What is the solution to this? One solution is to start to cook your own meals again. Get passionate about good tasting food. It doesn't have to take ages for it to taste real good.

Another option is to eat out healthily:

• Stir fried food with plenty of vegetables: Chinese, South East Asian and Japanese food can be very healthy.

• Foods like sushi or salads are very nutritious.

• Going to a health food shop and getting nuts, dried fruits, cereal bars and regular fruit is a very healthy way of getting the right nutrition.

• Anything with plenty of fresh vegetables, pasta and rice is good.

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But remember if you skip a meal or forget to drink enough water be kind. Don't give yourself a hard time. It takes patience and time to learn new techniques so please give yourself that time.

Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is learning how to have more stress nutrition balance.

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