Stress Headache: Five Ways of Relieving Stress Headaches

Due to the changes in the modern lifestyle people are more prone to stress headaches. What natural ways are there to deal with your stress headache easily?

Stress Headache

What is the definition of a stress headache?

This is a type of headache that comes on when we have lots of stress in our life. It can have many forms and can be related to a tensing of the neck and shoulders.

Oftentimes a lack of blood circulation through tensed up neck and shoulders muscles can be the cause of a stress related headache.

Many people are prone to stress headaches when sat in front of a computer, or when they are stuck in an office all day.

Being very concentrated for hours at a time without a break, not having good posture and not enough water can aid to a stress migraine.

How to Gain Stress Headache Relief Holistically

1. Massage your head, neck and shoulders

Sit upright, in a comfortable position. This can be done sat at your desk or at home.

Start with your shoulders by using your hands to massage the muscles. Different techniques you can use are: massaging in a rotating fashion making circles on the muscle; squeezing and releasing the muscles to allow the blood to return; and kneading the muscles with your fingertips.

Relax while you’re doing it. Let your shoulders drop. Spend more time on the tighter areas.

Gradually move from the shoulders, to the neck and then to the head. Be gentle and follow your instincts on how much pressure to apply.

This technique is recommended by Prince Charles’ doctor, Dr Ali.

2. Exercise

Being inside, sat in one position for a long time in front of a TV or a computer tenses the shoulders and stops the blood flow to the brain.

By exercising, you release the shoulders and allow the blood to flow again. Also helps to release any thoughts which are adding to the headache.

For more information on Relieving Stress with Exercise please click here.

3. Getting Outside & Deep Breathing

By getting outside, you change your perspective and allow fresh air into your lungs. Make sure you breathe in through your nostrils, if possible, as this helps to aerate the front part of the brain which can cause the headaches in the first place.

By breathing deeply you also re-oxygenate your body which allows your shoulders to drop and tension to be released thus allowing the cause of the headache to be stopped.

4. Meditation

A stress related headache is caused by stress (I know this is obvious but bear with me…) so if you take away the stress you take away the headache. Through meditation you help to take away the stress as you allow the mind to settle, to re-establish perspective and therefore let go of the stress.

By meditating you enter into a really relaxed state which allows your stress to fall away from you and therefore release your headache.

For more information on meditation and how to meditate please click here.

5. Catch Yourself

What do I mean by this? I mean that if you know that doing certain things will lead you to having a stress related headache then catch yourself before you do those things.

For example, you’re sat at your desk and your shoulders and neck start to get tight. From experience you know that if you don’t take a break then a headache will start. Catch yourself there and take a break, massage your shoulders and go outside.

Remember you are responsible for you. Take it easy and be kind.

Remember to breathe, to relax and to let go of focusing on the negative thoughts. Focus on the positive, my friend. You are what you think about after all, so focus on the good and the wonderful. May you be well.

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