Facts about Stress and Meditation

Do you want to know more about stress and meditation? Why is meditation so beneficial for stress management?

As I’ve touched on before stress and meditation have the opposite effect on the mind. Stress agitates the mind whereas meditation calms it.

If want to challenge stress in your life then meditation is a good place to start.

When I teach stress management, meditation is always the first tool I teach.

I like to think of meditation as the bedrock of any stress management program. Why? If you master the mind then you master stress. Meditation is a way of mastering the mind.

Benefits of Meditation

The following is a list of different reasons why meditation is so useful in combatting stress:

• Stress agitates the mind and in some cases you lose perspective. Meditation on the other hand trains the mind so that you can gain perspective more quickly. Stress and meditation in short go very well together.

• If you could go to a gym and do exercises for the brain and mind, meditation would be the exercise they would recommend.

• Meditation helps to give the mind focus

• Meditation allows the mind to go into an “Alpha state” which is the same state the mind enters in deep sleep, therefore deeply relaxing…

• Meditation can help reduce blood pressure, anxiety and a whole range of different medical conditions.

• Stress can get out of hand in your mind, but by practising meditation you equip yourself with the tools to cope with stress much better.

• (Breathe in and out now. Relax. This is meant to be fun and stress free. Remember to breathe…)

• A key to stress management is getting a good night’s sleep. Meditation before bed is a great way of getting a good night’s sleep. When you calm your mind down with meditation, your thoughts are less likely to keep you awake or wake you up.

• Meditation allows you to be aware of your body. By getting into your body you spend less time “in” your head; less time thinking/ worrying = less stress.

• Meditation is so simple, just watching your breath go in and out while sat quietly. Every time you get distracted bring your attention back to your breath with kindness.

• There will be days when you meditate and you won’t be able to focus on your breath. This is normal. This is meditation. Keep practising. Let go. Breathe. You don’t need to add stress to your practise. Stress relief remember!

• For most benefit, try to practise meditation once or twice a day and you will see your stress levels diminish greatly.

• Meditation is practised across the globe in many different societies and religions.

I hope that these little pieces of information help you and inspire you to start to meditate. It is a wonderful tool, truly! Good luck!

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