Sleeping Lessons: 5 Ways To A Good Night’s Sleep

What are 5 sleeping lessons you can use to improve your sleep and reduce your levels of stress?

Sleeping lessons

These sleeping lessons are designed to help you sleep better. Sleep can be severely affected when we are stressed or anxious. If we have a very hectic and stressful life our sleep can be one of the first things to be disrupted.

And without good sleep other areas of our lives are harder to maintain – our physical health , and our mental and emotional balance is affected too. So what are the 5 sleeping lessons?

1. Make Your Bedroom A Sacred Sleeping Space

What does this mean? This means make the place where you sleep a place where this is all you do: sleep.

Take out televisions and electrical equipment, especially computers. Your sleeping space should be a sacred space where you rest and rest only.

Your sleeping space should not be where you work. You will be more prone to waking in the night, worrying about work if you do.

Indoor plants zygonia

2. Get Some Plants In Your Bedroom

Get some plants into your bedroom. They are a wonderful way of changing the energy and air in your room. A list of wonderful plants which will not only change the air but also take chemicals out are as follows:

• English ivy

• Spider plants

• Dracaena

• Boston ferns

• Fig trees (ficus benjanmina)

3. Meditate Before Sleep

I always spend 30 minutes meditating before I go to sleep. This settles my mind and relaxes my body. My mind switches off and allows me to fall into a deep and nourishing sleep. If you don’t switch off the busyness of your mind you will find it hard to sleep well.

4. Practice Controlled Breathing

You can do this exercise before sleep or if you wake in the night.

Exercise: While lying in bed consciously try slowing your breath down. Play a game with yourself. See how slow and relaxed you can make your breath become. Feel yourself melting into your bed as you breathe into your whole body.

5. Practice Whole Body Breathing

This is another one of the sleeping lessons that I use to sleep soundly and is one I teach to my clients.

This can be used just before sleep or in the night should you wake.

Exercise: Breathe in deeply while lying on your back in bed. Allow your body to be relaxed with your toes pointing upwards. Breathe in. When you breathe out push your toes away from you. When you breathe in again bring your toes upright.

Relax with every breath you take keeping the movement relaxed and calm. Repeat for a few minutes.

Then breathe out and let your knees roll out. Breathe in and allow them to roll back in. Repeat.

Breathe out and let your hips roll forward. Breathe in and bring them back to centre.

Carry on moving up the body from stomach to chest to shoulders to neck and head breathing and moving the body at the same time.

If you are still awake by the time you get to your head, go back down the body doing the same exercises.

These sleeping lessons have been passed onto me and I have found them to be really useful for sleeping well.

Hopefully they will help you too. Be gentle, remember, and don’t worry if you can’t sleep – use it to your advantage – meditate, breathe and relax.

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