Relieving Stress By Exercise

Exercise, exercise, exercise... Relieving stress by exercise is a really wonderful tool in the race against stress. By exercising we can let go of stress very quickly...

Stress and exercise

Relieving stress by exercise is a primary way of dealing with the stresses and strains in your life.

And although stress affects your mental and your physical health, using exercise is a great way of helping both aspects of your being: mental and physical.

When you are stressed, going for a walk or going for a run makes a real difference to your stress levels.

Exercise clears your head on a mental level and gets you into your body on a physical level. You feel refreshed and whatever you were worrying about usually has cleared.

The benefits of exercise help stress on many levels.

Relieving stress by exercise is so powerful

I lived in a Buddhist monastery for several years.

When I first arrived in the monastery the first meeting I had with the abbot was on a walk.

We walked round the most beautiful lake close to the monastery and we talked. We walked briskly and I had trouble keeping up at times.

For me this first meeting was a real statement to the importance of exercise.

The monks did yoga, tai chi, went running, walked for hundreds of miles across the country.

One of the monks I knew walked from the south to the north of England at the age of 67! A trip of 600km, one way.

And then he walked back again!

So exercise is important.

The slogan…

Healthy Body Healthy Mind

…has a whole lot of truth to it.

In this section of relieving stress by exercise we will look at the following::

Exercise For Vitality

The following page shows a video of an exercise for vitality. If you feel low on energy, stuck or you don't feel so well emotionally then this video will help to lift you.

Your body can be key to unlocking your wellness within you. By doing simple exercises like the exercise for vitality you help to dis-engage from the mind and the mental chatter.

A lot of stress can be due to having overactive minds so this following exercise is an excellent way of remedying this.

Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is one of the best ways of relieving stress. Combining stretching with deep breathing, yoga has to be on your list of stress relief techniques.

What is the best way of learning yoga? What are the benefits associated with yoga? What yoga DVDs are the best to complement your practice?

Laughing - The Best Medicine

Laughing is well known as one of the best medicines around. It not only helps to reduce blood pressure and increase energy but also helps to reduce stress levels significantly.

A new phenomena is sweeping the globe at the moment - laughing yoga. There are now laughing yoga clubs in over 50 countries. So what are the health benefits of laughter yoga and how do you do it?

Tai Chi & Qigong Part 1(Part 2)

Tai chi and qigong (pronounced chee-goong - can also be written chi kung or chi gong) have been around for thousands of years. Every morning in China tens of thousands of Chinese practice tai chi and qigong in the parks.

Why are these exercises so good for the health and how do they help reduce stress? What makes tai chi and qigong so popular for reducing stress?

Walking To De-Stress

Walking must be one of the easiest stress relief techniques available. We can walk to work, walk home, or walk at the weekend.

What are the health benefits of walking for health and how does it reduce your stress? What tips are there to get the most relaxation out of a walk?

Swimming & Stress Relief Part 1(Part 2)

Swimming is a great aerobic exercise which is very useful in combating stress. Getting to your local pool for a swim is a great way of letting go of stress.

What are the health benefits of swimming and will swimming help you to reduce stress? What tips are there to help you to get the most stress relief out of swimming?

Stress Relief Games

What stress relief games can you use to help manage your stress levels? What different sports and games can you play to reduce your stress effectively and quickly?

Three stress relief games that you can try out in your own life.

Most People Get Stressed...

Most people, regardless of who the person is, gets stressed at some point during their life, some more often than others.

Sometimes taking a few deep breaths, punching a pillow, or squeezing a stress ball, will relieve some of this stress; however, sometimes it simply does not help it all.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that relieving stress by exercise, in my opinion, is a primary way of dealing with the stresses and strains in one’s life. It works for my clients and friends alike.

What is so important about relieving stress by exercise?

As you will see over the next few pages exercise has a really important part in reducing stress in your life.

Not only is it fun, which is so important, but the psychological and physiological health benefits are huge. Stress increases greatly when we are not exercising.

I personally find that in winter my stress levels increase. Why is this? I feel it is because I exercise less. I enjoy swimming in the sea and don’t do this so often (for obvious reasons – the UK sea is pretty cold!)

I find that I am lacking in energy, precisely because I am not exercising so much.

So for me the relationship between stress and exercise is hugely important in returning balance into your life. I hope that I can convey this to you.

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