How Do You Reduce Holiday Stress?

What further techniques can you use to reduce holiday stress? What are the things you can implement to make your holiday more fun, more relaxing and less stressful?

When you reduce holiday stress you can truly start to enjoy your holidays again. That sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

Sometimes we can go on holiday and not really be that prepared. This adds to stress. I would always recommend getting a good guidebook (Lonely Planet or the Rough Guides) before setting out.

I remember one occasion when I was traveling when I wasn’t that prepared and got a little stressed because of it.

I was traveling in Spain. I had arrived in Bilbao in Northern Spain by bus. I had just come from Santander and there had been lots of information on places to stay in the bus depot there. The information desk was very helpful and I found a lovely place to stay.

But when I arrived in Bilbao, I couldn’t find such a place… I looked all around the depot but no… no information centre. And my guidebook? Well, I hadn’t bothered to get one! I didn’t think I needed one…

So I tried to speak to the bus information place but they didn’t speak English!

There I was in a town I had never visited before, not knowing the language, not having a place to stay and not knowing how I would find a place to stay. I started to feel a little stressed!

So I wandered around the bus depot wondering what to do…

I stopped and started to people watch. Is there anyone here who speaks English, I thought to myself?

There in the corner were two people: rucksack, pale skin… So I went to speak to them.

It’s funny how the universe helps when you are in need! This couple not only had a guidebook, were English and American, had lived in Spain for several years so spoke fluent Spanish but they also offered to call the hotels for me! Wonderful!

So eventually they found me a room and I got myself to the hotel.

Bilbao is fantastic! The Guggenheim museum is awesome and if you love modern art then get to Bilbao: the streets are lined with beautiful pieces of art work, they even have a waterfall which dances to the sound of classical music – spellbinding!

But the moral of the story is that if I had been better prepared: booked a hotel, had a guidebook etc then I would have been able to reduce holiday stress tremendously.

The following list contains further tips on how to reduce the stress on your holiday.

A beautiful beach at low tide

How to Reduce Holiday Stress

1. Use your holiday as a time to recharge your “batteries”

Give yourself time to fully charge your body, mind and soul – eat well, sleep well, and exercise well. And of course fill yourself with joy.

2. Make time for yourself

If you are with friends or family then sure that you have time to go off and do your own thing. Recharge your batteries rather than depleting them further.

By going off on your own or doing what you need, you nourish yourself and reduce your holiday stress.

The idea of a holiday is to unwind and de-stress so make sure this is fulfilled.

3. Going out of your comfort zone

In a lot of cases going on holiday to somewhere “different” is stressful. This is because you are stepping out of your comfort zone of routine and of what you know.

I have noticed that holiday makers get very stressed and upset when things don’t go their way. They want things to be like they are at home. And oftentimes they are not.

How to reduce holiday stress in this case is as follows:

Prepare yourself for things to be different and although you will feel discomfort for a day or so, you will very quickly settle into a routine and really enjoy yourself: trying new experiences out, trying new foods, visiting new beautiful places. Although it feels uncomfortable to start off with remember that the gains will be magnificent.

Be patient and after a few days you will really love it!

4. Where would you love to go?

Where would you love to go on holiday? What do you love doing? Is it surfing or scuba diving, skiing or sitting on a beach?

Do what you love and what you really want to do. By fulfilling your dreams you make sure you reduce holiday stress: doing what you love and nourishing yourself.

5. Make sure you have a few days at home before going back to work

A common mistake after a lovely holiday is to go from the airport straight to work. You get more holiday yes, but you also get a whole lot of stress!

The contrast between being on holiday and going back to work can be huge. So settle back into your home life before going back to work. Have a few days at home unwinding after the journey. Relax, unpack and re-acclimatise to being home again.

6. Take note that Europe is real busy in August

Following on the story from the beginning of this article, Europe is really busy in August. When I was trying to find a hotel and hostel room in Bilbao practically every room was fully booked. We must have called 30 places!

Spain, France, Portugal and many other European countries shut down in August: businesses close and every one goes to the beach or resorts.

So be warned, if you want to holiday in Europe in August be prepared for busyness. Book well in advance if you don’t want to be disappointed.

But saying that all of Europe is busy in August is not quite true. All the major cities are practically empty because every one has left them!

So it’s nice and peaceful but places like Madrid and Paris get very hot indeed!

I hope that these tips help to further reduce holiday stress for you and that you have a fabulous time.

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