Why Is Nose Breathing Important?

What 7 reasons are there for breathing through the nose for stress relief?

Nose Breathing

Nose breathing is very important for health and for maintaining lower levels of stress. Breathing through the mouth on the other hand, according some sources, can be the cause of and worsen medical problems like heart disease and blood pressure.

Breathing through the nose helps the body to extract more oxygen from the air breathed in. This is due to the fact that the nasal passages are smaller than the mouth so air is released more slowly. This then allows the body more time to take out more oxygen.

According to Cottle (1972) and Rohrer (1915), it has been shown that nasal breathing increases the resistance to the air entering the body by 50% over that of mouth breathing. What this means is that there is a 10-20% increase on the oxygen being absorbed into the bloodstream.

Please watch this video to learn a nose breathing exercise.

7 Reasons To Breathe Through Your Nose

Nose breathing

Breathing through your nose helps you on many levels: optimum health, stress relief, relaxation etc. The following 7 reasons should help you to see why breathing through your nose is so important.

1. Increase of Oxygen Intake

Breathing through the nasal passages helps to restrict the speed that air is being breathed out of the lungs. This gives the lungs more time to extract oxygen from the air. More oxygen means healthier blood and a healthier you.

2. Slows Your Breathing Down

When you are stressed your breathing rate will generally increase. What breathing through the nose achieves is a slowing down of the breath. As the breath slows down so does the mind. Things which stressed you out before will seem more manageable.

3. How You Breathe In The Daytime Will Be Used While You Sleep

If you are breathing through your nose in the daytime you are more likely to breathe through your nose while you sleep. As humans generally sleep for a third of their lives (8 hours a day) it means that you get the benefits of nose breathing while you sleep as well - more oxygen...

Breathing through the mouth is also, according to hospital studies, the primary cause of snoring. If you breathe through the mouth during the day then you are more likely to breathe through your mouth at nighttime. If you have a partner who snores you will know how stressful this can be. Try to get them to breathe through their noses during the day and this should help.

4. Nostrils & Sinuses Filter and Warm the Air

This is another reason for breathing through the nose. By breathing this way you help to filter out any unwanted germs. By doing this you help to prevents the germs from entering the body and therefore protect yourself against cold and bugs.

This is in itself a stress relief remedy as being ill and not being able to work at full capacity can be stressful. So nasal breathing helps to prevent sickness.

5. Mouth Breathing Increases Chances of Dehydration

Breathing through the mouth accelerates water loss compared with breathing through the nose. This in itself increases the chances of dehydration.

6. The Nerves That Regulate Breathing Are In The Nostrils

If you want to have regular, relaxed breathing then breathing through the nose is imperative. This is because the nerves that regulate your breathing are located in the nasal passages. When breathing through the mouth you bypass these nerves and are therefore more prone to irregular breathing.

7. Healthier Lungs

By breathing through the nose you will enable yourself to have healthier lungs as the work of lung movement is doubled when nose breathing. This means that your lungs are getting a better workout so you will maintain healthier lungs than if mouth breathing.

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