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5 Meditation Tips To Help You Meditate Better

The following meditation tips will help you to improve your meditation. Recently a student asked me how long it takes to learn meditation.

And my answer?

"It takes 10 minutes to learn meditation but a lifetime to master. But the trick is just to start."

When I first started to learn meditation I was a little confused as to how to meditate . I went to classes and read many books but no one really told me how to meditate. It seemed really complicated and all I really wanted to know was how to do basic meditation.

I remember going to a Mind, Body, Spirit Show in King’s Cross, London. I went to a Transmission Meditation class at the show but I didn’t really learn how to meditate – so came out confused.

I spoke with one of the stall holders and they offered to teach me meditation. We sat on the floor in between the stands and tables and he taught me how to meditate. It was indeed very simple.

That was in 1997. Since then I have practiced meditation nearly everyday and lived in a Buddhist monastery as a novice monk for 3 of those years.

What meditation tips would I pass on now having gone from not knowing how to meditate to having practiced with some very wise meditation teachers?

What tips could I pass on that would help your practice and help you to gain stress relief?

5 Meditation Tips

Being kind to oneself is such an important meditation tip

1: Pick Your Meditation Up With Kindness

Being kind to yourself in meditation is the most important thing for me. My own meditation teacher taught the simile that when you get distracted during meditation bring your attention back to your meditation object (breath, mantra, sound of silence) with the same kindness you would show a small child learning to walk.

He used to say that when you get distracted, imagine the child falling over. How would you pick that child up? With anger, with rage? No, with kindness. You would pick that child up with kindness.

And so it is in meditation, if you get distracted 1000 times keep using the same attention and care that you would do if your child kept falling over. Be patient.

2: Be Patient

Patience is a virtue and a really useful tool for learning anything, especially meditation.

But a really useful way of mastering patience is to realize that it is not when things are going well that you learn patience. No, it is when things are challenging or when things are not going your way that you can practice patience.

So this goes for meditation as well. When you are finding it difficult to concentrate or the mind is running all over the place, see this as a chance to practice patience.

3: Get Into a Routine

Having a routine around your meditation practice is so important to keeping your meditation going. Do you think about brushing your teeth or having breakfast? No, it is your routine. When something becomes your routine it becomes so much easier to do each day without trying to fit it in.

And the trick I have found with life is that you need to fit the good, the healthy and the nourishing things into the routine so that no matter how your day is going you still feed yourself on all levels.

So find a time to meditate each day and do it no matter what – if you are on holiday, if you are sick, if you’ve been up late or have to get up early – do it the same as you would brushing your teeth.

4: The Best Time To Meditate

The best time to meditate is in the morning or in the evening before going to bed. I personally find that by setting my alarm 10 or 20 minutes before I want to get up then this gives me time to meditate.

What this does is means that I don’t find something else or somebody else to interrupt this routine. When I worked as a live-in nanny I started work at 7am when the kid got up. So I always set my alarm for 6.50am and meditated for 10 minutes. This meant that I was awake in my mind by the time 7am came and the day always went much smoother.

5: Meditation Before Going To Bed Helps You To Sleep Better

By meditating before going to bed you help to calm the mind. By calming the mind and your thoughts you set yourself up for a really relaxing night’s sleep.

Many people can get off to sleep okay but then wake in the night with thoughts running round their heads and can’t get back to sleep. By meditating before sleep you help the mind to settle so that if you do wake you go straight back to sleep.

I hope that these meditation tips have been of use. For more information on meditation tips, and stress management techniques please join up to our newsletter for articles, reviews and free downloads.

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