Low Stress Jobs

We all want to find low stress jobs. Or at least we think we do. Something always trips us up and our low stress jobs become high stress. What is this “thing” and what can we do about it?

Low stress jobs… now, for me what I consider to be low stress you might consider to be ridiculously stressful.

I will review a few of the low stress jobs I have done. But we will also look at how your attitude and approach to your job is what makes it a low stress or high stress job.

If you look at any company you will see people who are doing the same job, but different people seem to have different stress levels.

You can look at families who have the same income, same number of children and same jobs yet one family seems to have a low stress job and the other has a high stress.

Why? Let's look...

The Main Factor in Having a Low Stress Job

What's the main factor?

The mind.

Your mind to be precise.

Simple, isn’t it? You can make any job stressful by how you approach it in the mind.

If the mind is chattering away, telling you, "how you don’t want to be here, this is awful, you can’t cope etc," then it will be stressful.

Amazing Sunset

Remember the sayings:

We are what we think about…

Thoughts become things…

It could be your ideal job but you would still make it stressful.

This is why you must learn to challenge the mind wherever possible.

How Do You Have a Low Stress Job?

You can have a stress free job by the work you put in to challenge your mind and your stress. This means using a lot of the stress relief tools that I teach on this website.

• Meditation

• Relieving stress by exercise

• Being kind to yourself

• Resting when you need to rest

• Saying no to others demands

• Making time for you!

But this can be and is tremendously empowering. For no matter how difficult or stressful your job is, you have the power to make it less stressful.

And the amazing thing is, is that this can be done with a simple change of perspective, letting go of the old patterns, catching yourself when you start to get stressed by saying, “I am coping fine”, “I am doing wonderfully well”.

It is your choice.

You choose.

You are not a victim of your situation. You choose a life where you face stress head on and deal with it now.

Example of Jobs Which are Low Stress

I thought it would be interesting to share with you a few of the jobs I have done which could be considered low stress:

Data Entry

I was hired as a temporary worker entering data for a telecommunications company. similar to Vodafone. I had just left London and was living in Surrey.

This could be considered a low stress job but I found it really boring and therefore stressful. I would want to bang my head against the desk it was so dull!

I had very little work to input so spent a lot of time surfing the internet.

But how could I have made it a low stress job?

• By using my time productively – writing, researching, creating

• By using affirmations so that when I felt bored to remember why I was working – to be flexible so I could look after my sick father

• By using breathing techniques – gaining perspective quickly

Kitchen assistant

As a student I worked in a pub kitchen for a year washing up and making sandwiches. I found this pretty stress free.

But one day I had to go away for a week or so. One of the bar staff had to take over my job while I was away.

When I came back this barman was really happy to see me. I was a bit surprised. The reason he was so happy was that he hated the washing up and couldn’t understand how on earth I could do it. He found it so stressful and was so happy to get back to the bar!

So what one person finds low stress another might find high stress.

Other Jobs Which are Low Stress…

• Delivering leaflets door to door: I found this really boring but if you see it as a chance to get fit and be outdoors then wonderful.

• Gardening or manual work: if this is your passion and you love being physical then yes it is low stress.

• Doing something you love

• Working online: you need a lot of discipline. Make sure you have plenty of regular breaks and do something that you are passionate about.

• Working from home: again, depends on how prepared you are to face your own stressful patterns.

• Cleaning: I have found that when we do repetitive, manual tasks like washing up or cleaning, then our mind’s negative dialogue starts up. Repeat affirmations or listen to uplifting talks or you could find it really stressful.

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