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What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is generally done on a one to one basis either over the telephone or face to face although some aspects can be done in a group situation.

In a normal coaching scenario a coach will work with the client on an area or subject related goal. Through a series of coaching calls or meetings the coach will ask skilled questions to work out the best possible route to the achievement of that goal.

Sometimes a client may not have a specific set goal so the work of the coach will be to help the client to clarify and establish clear goals.

One on one sessions are equally as productive over the phone as they are in a face to face meeting although many clients prefer the telephone method as they sometimes feel more at ease.

Who's Life Coaching For?

Many people associate life coaching with work related development or advancement. Although this is an aspect of it, your coach will coach you about any form of personal and self development.

Topics can include:


• Building self-confidence or self-esteem

Goal setting

• Releasing old beliefs and embracing new ones

Sleep and health related goals

• Spiritual life coaching for spiritual growth

Stress management

• Well being

Work life balance

All these topics can benefit from receiving coaching.

What Are The Benefits of Coaching

Life coaching is becoming more and more recognised in the UK, US and the rest of the world as a really productive way of achieving goals and life balance.

Your coach can help you to gain a different perspective and help you to see your life in a clearer way. For the client it is a bit like taking a step back and having a chance to see the whole picture. Where do you want to go? What are your priorities? What areas are you not spending enough time on?

Coaching helps you to answer these questions and gives you the tools to move in the direction you want in life.

Benefits include:

Helping you to understand your life situation

• Gaining a clearer perspective as to how you'd like it to change

Developing tools and strategies to change

• Keeping you focused on your goals

Giving you an external perspective to your current life reality

• Feeling more positive, lighter and happier

Coaching enables the client to gain long-term change rather than short-term fixes. The reason for this is that it is client centred - what do you want and how do you want to achieve it? The coach will help you to clearly define and guide you to your own answers.

Coaching can also include receiving insights from the coach and being taught tools to take you forward in your life.

How Do I Get Started?

1. Fill in the online booking form below, and book an initial session.

There is no commitment to continue, I will just invite you to have a think about working with a life coach and call me if you'd like to continue.

2. If you do, contact me again, we'll get our diaries out and book a session. I'll give you a link to pay £50 for your session (or buy a block of four at £45 each) 3. I will send you a coaching questionnaire to complete and return before our session.

4. At the appointed time, phone me up. I will have read your questionnaire, and we'll be coaching.

We'll start by selecting your coaching topic, and then we'll look at what you want to accomplish in that area. We will use tools and strategies for getting what you want. The call will last 1 hour.

5. At the end of the call, you can decide to book another, or not. If you do, we'll talk about "homework" to do between sessions.

If you're really unhappy with what you got for your money - claim the refund.

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