Holiday Stress Tips

What other ways are there to cope with holiday stress? Another article explaining some more techniques for banishing stress on holiday.

The following holiday stress tips will help you to cope with your stress better. From breathing techniques to the different ways I have learned of coping with stress when traveling.

I have traveled and lived abroad quite a lot. When I was 18 I traveled around Australia for a year and have since lived and traveled in Africa for a year and two years in France.

I think my most memorable travel experience was in the north of Ghana, in West Africa. I was on my way back from visiting a local nature reserve.

There was one bus a day leaving the village I was staying in. It was a local bush taxi style bus e.g. lots of people, lots of belonging, lots of animals and very little space.

I remember it clearly because it felt like a game of Twister. For most of the journey I was stood on one leg, which was wedged between a mountain of suitcases, my head was very close to a tied up goat and I couldn’t move because of the leg situation.

I think I remember letting go at some point of it being any different than it was. I think I remember realizing I had a choice: either waiting for the next bus, the next day and being in the same situation or getting on this bus.

I took the second option and let go.

In hindsight, although not very comfortable, it makes a good story to tell! See if you can remember that when you end up in some ridiculous situation. Remember, you choose the stress, not the other way round.

Holiday off the Coast of England

More Holiday Stress Tips

11. Practice breathing techniques when stressed

If you are in the airport or in any other stressful situation remember to breathe deeply. This is a really great holiday stress tip.

If you are in a queue, remember that it is the perfect time to practice patience and stress management.

Breathing technique: breathe in for a count of 4, hold breath for a count of 4 and breathe out for a count of 4. When you breathe out remember to let go of any tension and allow yourself to connect to the earth.

12. Remember to enjoy yourself

Do I need to explain this one?

Because we have carried our stress into our holidays sometimes we forget to enjoy ourselves.

I remember arriving in Bangkok in Thailand stressed and worn out after working in the City in London.

I hated it, it was busy, I was tired, I wanted out as soon as possible. It just felt like a busier version of London.

I then went and spent three weeks relaxing and unwinding on the islands in the south.

I came back to Bangkok three weeks later…

And guess what? I loved it! The people were so friendly, the food wonderful, so many beautiful temples...

I had carried my stress onto my holiday but once I had let go of it, then I could truly enjoy myself. I saw Bangkok for all the beauty rather than how I was feeling.

Let your hair down, enjoy yourself. You’re on holiday remember!

13. Gratitude

One of my top holiday stress tips is gratitude.

Be truly grateful for the town or country that you are visiting. When you thank them from the deepest part of your heart for the space that they are offering (this is after all their homes you are visiting) then you will truly feel great.

There is a saying, “What you focus on you attract.” If you focus on how wonderful a place you are visiting is then this is what you will attract and see. If you only see the negative…

14. Feel happy and content now

Be present. This is your holiday. Just say that now, “I am happy and content, now.” Whatever you are feeling you can still be happy and content in this moment.

The same goes when you are on holiday. Be happy for all the good things rather than focusing on the bad.

Appreciate the sun, the friends, the family, the location, the sea, the scenery. Do this and your holiday will be amazing!

15. Be kind to yourself

Rest, let go, relax. Your body, mind and spirit need a break so give it to them.

I hope that these words give you more holiday stress tips.

If I could say one final thing before you go on holiday it would be this. Breathe, smile and receive whatever is happening with a smile upon your face.

Have a lovely time, may you be well, where ever you go!

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