Holiday Stress Management

How Do You Cope With Holiday Stress? This Article Explains Ten Holiday Stress Management Tips For Reclaiming Your Holiday From Stress.

Holiday Stress Management

Holiday stress management starts with you as with all stress relief. What things can you do and implement to reduce the stress levels?

If you want to reduce your holiday stress the following article will give you some guidelines on reducing your stress.

Ten Holiday Stress Management Tips

1. Start Packing Early

By packing at the last minute you are preparing yourself for a stressful holiday. It is almost as if you carry the stress in to your holiday period.

Start packing weeks beforehand in a relaxed and calm way.

Make a list of the things you need: suntan lotion, passports, swimming costumes, sun glasses, towels etc.

By starting to pack early new things crop up that you need. Try it out. What have you got to lose? Stress…

2. Different cultures (and different states!) do things differently

We can sometimes have high expectations when we go on holiday. Don’t let yourself fall into that trap especially when going abroad. Just because a different culture does things differently doesn’t mean that it’s wrong.

I remember queuing for the plane in Spain. I had just had a wonderful holiday and was relaxed and calm. Then a few people started pushing in front of me.

I got really annoyed but quickly reminded myself that different cultures do things differently.

Breathe deeply if this happens to you and remember that you will catch the plane no matter how many people push in front of you.

What is better? To be right or to be relaxed?

3. Rest as much as possible

Give yourself what your body and mind are crying out for. And if that is lots of well-deserved rest then please give it!

4. Be careful of different climate

I have seen it many times whereby someone with a pale skin sits out in the hot tropical sun all day and is then sick for days afterwards.

Climatise yourself gradually; don’t add to your stress by being careless. And remember different climates can mean having a hot temper too! Take yourself off on your own and have a swim if you’re getting overheated!

5. Have some own time

Make sure you get to do what your body, mind and soul need not just what others want or expect of you.

Allow others that space too, don’t demand that they follow your routine to a tee. Maybe your partner also needs some alone/rest time.

By having some time out to explore on your own or do nothing can make the time you spend with your loved ones so much more pleasurable.

6. Be careful when choosing a destination

When it comes to holiday stress management it is important you choose a place which suits your needs.

If you don’t like busy places don’t go to Disneyland. If you are burnt out don’t go on holiday to Europe to sightsee. Go with your intuition. What do you need?

7. Family gatherings can be stressful

This is a fact for a lot of people. Childhood issues can be brought up and you don’t always feel great.

Prepare yourself by looking after yourself: get plenty of rest, eat well and give yourself lots of TLC.

Ask yourself: “ Am I going to a family reunion out of a sense of duty? What do I need at this time?” If it’s to spend time alone with a partner and children then feed that.

Do what is right for the lowering of your stress and let others take care of their own stress.

8. Work on your stress level before holiday time

Start to deal with your stress now rather than once a year on holiday. Be kind, gentle and loving to yourself. Check out this website. There is literally tons of information here about how you can reclaim your life from stress. How much do you want to be free from stress?

9. Give yourself what you need

Similar to the fifth point I made but don’t always do what others want of you. This carries stress in itself because there is part of you who wants to say something, and stand up for yourself.

So speak your truth, if you want a break then tell others, don’t expect them to read your mind.

10. Get away and have breaks on a regular basis

Take weekends away or days off during the year where you feed yourself. This means that when you do get to your holiday you’re ready to make the most of it!

I hope that these holiday stress management tips help you to have a wonderful and relaxing holiday. May you be well and enjoy yourself!

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