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Below you will find free meditation articles and videos on how to meditate along with guided meditations.

If you want to learn how to meditate and keep your practice going then this is a good place to start.

I have been learning and practicing meditation now for about 12 years and spent 3 of those years living in a Buddhist monastery.

What is the secret about meditation?

What have I learned over the 12 years that I have been practicing?

What did I learn from the Buddhist monks I lived with and learned from?

Free Meditation Tips

1. Be Kind

If there is one thing I learned and one thing that I did not always do at the beginning that was to be kind.

To tell you to hold your meditation practice with kindness is the greatest gift I can offer you. So many of us pick up meditation in the same way we pick up lots of things in life - with harshness and impatience.

So be kind when you meditate...

When you get distracted during meditation, come back to your meditation object with kindness and love.

Please don't give yourself a hard time.

I will share a little story about the meditation teacher Ajahn Chah. His followers noticed one day that he was always quite tough on his Thai monks but never rebuked or said any harsh words to his Western monks.

They asked Ajahn Chah why this was so...

And his reply? The Thai monks need my encouragement and this sometimes means some harsh words. But with the Western monks, he said, they already give themselves a hard time enough without me giving them a hard time too!

For Ajahn Chah saw that Westerners as a whole really give themselves a hard time. And I imagine you could be a little kinder too!

2. Be Patient

This is also very important in meditation: patience. Meditation is just a way of being, of practicing. We sit, we meditate and we are patient with whatever comes up.

That means that when you have a great meditation, let go, be patient, don't hold onto it.

And when you have a bad meditation, the same, let it go, don't hold on. Let go of it and don't give up. Be patient.

Free Meditation Videos

The first meditation video is an introduction to meditation. Find yourself in a quiet space and turn your mobile off.

The second video is another how to meditate video with a short guided meditation in it.

Guided Meditation

The next video is a guided meditation to follow along with. Let go, relax and really enjoy this video. Practice it as much as possible...

I hope that these videos have been of help to you.

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