Free Breathing Exercises

The following free breathing exercises are simple to use and easy to understand.

Free breathing exercises to calm and relax the mind

The following free breathing exercises are designed for the busy person with a busy lifestyle to match. Sometimes people find it challenging to find the time to unwind or to relax. Sometimes people find it hard to just stop for 5 minutes. So these techniques have been tailored for the person on the go.

But the amazing thing that you will find with these free breathing exercises is that they will really make a difference to your day. The idea with these techniques is that they help to calm the mind and for you to gain clarity in your thoughts. What this in turn helps to do is:

• Helps you to focus

• Rather than running around from one task to another without actually getting anything done suddenly you are able to focus on one thing at a time and are therefore able to complete things - a great stress reliever.

• You are also able to focus on the most important things. You don't spend your day doing things which add no value.

• You feel calm in all you do and therefore people react to with the same calm attitude.

• Things which used to bother you don't get you down anymore.

Seems like a pretty impressive list. So what are these free breathing techniques?

Free Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises

Please note: These exercises must not be done when operating heavy machinery or driving a vehicle. Please use these techniques wisely - if you feel they will distract you from the task at hand and put yourself at risk please do not use. If in doubt please speak with your doctor.

These techniques can also be recorded onto an MP3 player and used as meditation scripts.

Breathing Exercise No.1 - The MRI Scan Technique

You can be sat at your desk, walking or doing most other activities for this exercise. It is good to practice it for the first time sat in a quiet place where you are not disturbed.

This enables you to get used to the practice and therefore you can start to use it at anytime in your life.

1. Imagine that you are in a capsule like that of an MRI scan. Imagine that this capsule is egg shaped surrounding the whole body.

2. Imagine that the capsule starts two feet below your body and rises to 2 feet above your head. The capsule is also an arms length all around the body (measure this with your hands now).

3. Imagine this capsule around you. Imagine that the capsule is made of titanium or some other really tough substance.

4. When you imagine the capsule around you, feel totally protected and secure.

5. Imagine that there is a flat beam of white light similar to that of an MRI scan which rises from 2 feet below your body. The white light rises horizontally and is one inch thick (3cm). The light rises through your whole body touching the sides of the capsule all around you as it rises (imagine a flat sheet of white ice). It rises until it reaches the point 2 feet above your head. When it reaches there it then returns downwards.

6. Now you have the visualization it is important to add the breath in. You breathe in as the light moves from below your feet to above your head. Coordinate the breath so that the light reaches the point above your head at the end of your breath.

7. As you breathe out, let the light descend down the body.

8. Every time the light passes through your body feel yourself relaxing and gaining focus.

9. Repeat this technique as much as you can in a day.

Allow the breath to flow like running water

Breathing Exercise No.2: Counting Breath

Again this exercise can be done almost anywhere. If for any reason you should feel faint while doing this exercise please lie down to rest.

1. Breathe in through your nose while counting for a certain number e.g. 2,3,4 (you will find your own rhythm and what number suits you). In this example we will use 3. Use the same number for every in or out breath and when holding your breath.

2. Breathe in for a count of 3.

3. Hold your breath for the same count, 3.

4. Breathe out through your nose for the same count, 3.

5. Breathe in again counting for the same amount and repeat.

6. Repeat throughout the day.

These free breathing exercises are very simple to remember and as you will soon see they really can make a difference to your stress levels and how you approach your stress relief.

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