Computer Stress

What is computer stress and why the increase in people being affected by it?

Computer stress

Computer stress is the stress caused by the use of and by direct result of computers.

This could mean:

• Getting tight shoulders whilst sat at the computer

• Fuzzy and unclear mind - not able to think clearly

• Getting angry at computer crashing or losing your data

• The inability to work out how to do something on your computer.

Why such an increase in computer related stress?

• Most of the population use computers everyday

Computers have become a way of life. There are few people who don't use computers nowadays.

You find them in all walks of life:

• In schools

• In libraries

• In cafes

• In trains

• In monasteries...

Communication is by computer, work is by computer and family life is by computer.

This means that because we are spending more time on the computers we are therefore more affected by the ups and downs that they cause us.

• Getting used to computers

For some of the older generation it is not so easy to get the hang of computers (some of my family and friends really struggle).

For the younger generation using computers is like walking or speaking. They know how to use them, breathe them and fix them. This is because they have used them from an early age.

For the older generation this is not the case. There is an expectation, oftentimes self-imposed, which says, "I should know how to do this!" This is because they see the ease with which a lot of people use computers.

This is stressful in itself but doesn't show the full picture that most of the younger generation have used computers since they were able to walk.

So if you do struggle with computers please have patience! And please read the resource on how to gain computer stress relief.

Getting outside can be great relief for computer stress.

• Technology changing as quickly as we speak

I spent 3 years while I was in the monastery not having access to the internet. When I left I was astonished at how much technology had changed and not just on the internet.

Mobile phones had cameras on them, you could watch videos online and you didn't have to wait 10 minutes to go from one page to the next!

But keeping up with these changes can be stressful. Always trying to keep up with the Joneses and trying to work out what is the best equipment, software or website to use. There can be a sense of never quite knowing what you're doing!

• Most people use computers as a source of income

This is another form of computer stress because this means that you have to sit in front of a computer all day whether you like it or not.

Most jobs require the use of computers nowadays so there is not much option of not using a computer.

Work can be stressful in itself so some of this stress is then placed upon computers.

So how do you relieve computer related stress?

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