Calming & Relaxing Childrens Books To Reduce Stress & To Empower Children (and Adults Too!)

Author: Piers Cross

Childrens books for relaxing, empowering and growing...

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“I truly loved Timmy’s adventures & how Timmy always had a person by his side. I love his story's especially the Wizard of Targoth.

I've loved Piers' stories since 2007 when I got them.

I really liked all the describing words and how Piers always made the stories interesting.

I hope he makes a few more stories as I want to know what happened to Timmy, though I've never really heard the finish of the ones i have, as there are loads of chapters and I can't help falling asleep!

I loved them & I hope you do too.”

Scarlet, age 7 and a half.

The Magical Adventures of Timmy Thompson 1 - The Journey To Atlantis

The following Timmy Thompson childrens books are magical tales designed to inspire, teach and relax children of ages up to 11 years old.

They are designed to really nurture and feed children, teaching them amazing tools like deep breathing, the power of their imagination and the power of positive thoughts.

I came up with this idea for these childrens books when I noticed that very few stories were positive. A lot of the stories I saw on the market didn't seem to be feeding the child.

I also saw that a lot of the childrens books that kids were reading before bed, like Harry Potter, were stimulating the child and therefore not sending them off to sleep. "Just one more chapter, mum!"

I have also found that these Timmy Thompson childrens books are wonderful tools for adults if they have trouble getting their kids to bed.

Put on a Timmy Thompson story and you will find that not only do your kids fall asleep during a story but they will also start to love going to bed - a big plus for stressed out parents.

These childrens books relax my children

“I was stressed & tired after a long day & my children wouldn’t settle at bedtime.

I felt like I couldn’t have any time to “recharge”. The Timmy Thompson childrens books relax my children and they go off to sleep very quickly.

The stories are very imaginative & relate directly to children’s minds. It’s great to have some of my own time at last.”

Michelle Harland, single mum of 4

I worked as a nanny for a period of time and perfected these stories night after night reading them to the children.

And what I found was that every night the children would fall asleep during the story. They started to love the stories.

Each night it would be, "Piers, we want a Timmy Thompson story!"

And so I perfected these stories over the time I was nannying with the perfect audience.

And I noticed two things with the children as time went by:

1. I found that their imaginations started to run wild - through the stories they started to think up stories of their own.

2. They started to thirst for reading and schoolwork. From being uninterested in books, and not being able to read to wanting to read all the time, the change was amazing - the teachers wanted to know what had happened. Why the sudden change?

But these childrens books are not just for children - these are stories for the soul and for the inner child. They are stories for everyone who loves a good adventure.

But there is a remarkable difference about these stories to any others you might read. Most stories keep the listener stood on the outside looking in. These stories are very different...

These stories allow the listener to become a part of the story - they get to join the main character Timmy and go where he goes, and they get to be different animals and characters.

I think you get the picture.

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The Magical Adventures of Timmy Thompson 2 - The Flight of The Golden Eagles

The Flight of the Golden Eagle is the second Timmy Thompson story.

This magical adventure takes the listener off to the skies around Scotland. The listener is transported into the body a huge golden eagle and gets to fly around the beautiful Scottish landscape.

If you have ever wanted to feel what it feels like to fly then this adventure is for you. Feel the wind whistling past your face, feel the amazing sensation of being weightless as you drop towards the earth with your wings unfurled.

And as you rest upon the mountaintops - you see far down below a castle on fire...

An adventure beckons... will you be able to get to the castle in time?

Will you be able to save the people stranded on top?

And who are they? You recognize them but could it really be them...

This is another adventure to broaden the mind, inspire your imagination and practice techniques to change the lives of your children and yourself.

My daughter keeps falling asleep before the stories are over!

“When Piers first gave me a couple of Timmy Thompson CDs for my 6 year old daughter to listen to at bedtime, I didn’t expect that I would be wanting to stay with her at bedtime to listen to them myself!!

My daughter has never really enjoyed going to bed without listening to stories on CD, but I was concerned that the story CDs she was listening to were keeping her mind too alert and not helping her to have an easy transition into a deep and restful sleep.

I was blown away by the fact that my daughter firstly loved the content matter of Timmy's adventures (she is very self reflective and imaginative), but that also, on average, she was fast asleep within 20 minutes as opposed to the usual hour plus and call of 'can I put another CD on please mummy?'!”

The winning factor for me was how she would want the same Timmy Thompson CD played for over a week at a time rather than wanting something different on each night.

And as I said, I love to have a cuddle with her at bedtime and reflect on Timmy’s wisdom and my day and how I feel inside. Truly wonderful stuff! It seemed as though Piers was telling me exactly what I needed to hear about life at any given moment. Magic!!”

Rosie Kalliabetsos, Health Consultant & Birth Educator, Birthlight Perinatal & Baby Yoga Teacher, Injoy, London

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