Causes of Workplace Stress

What are the causes of work related stress?

City living can be a cause of workplace stress

The causes of workplace stress are as follows:

• Having to work longer hours

• More sedentary, office based work – less time out in the fresh air

• Having constant appraisals, reviews and reappraisals in order to keep up with the company guidelines.

• Having huge amounts of paperwork and bureaucracy

• The instability of jobs nowadays – high proportion of businesses outsourcing work to India and Eastern Europe, and redundancies

• Settling for second best – not doing a job that you love, rather doing the job that peers or society “expect” of you.

• Critical and unsupportive managers

• Critical and negative workers

Computer stress

• Poor working conditions

• Lack of exercise

• Poor diet while at work

• Not taking regular breaks or fresh air

• Not being able to delegate your work to other people

• Not being able to say no to others demands on your time

• Sitting in front of a computer all day can really drain your energy levels (I found a Q Link really gave me an energetic boost when wearing it)

• Doing a boring and repetitive job

This doesn't necessarily make for really inspiring reading, does it!

But again the point of this website is to point out where you are stressed and then point out the tools you can do to relieve the stress.

After all, if you can't see where you are stressed why are you going to try and change it?

You will find lots of tips back on the workplace stress page at the bottom.

May you be well and stress free!

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