How To Use Breathing For Stress Relief

Why Breathing Can Help You Relax and To Remain Stress Free

Breathing has to be considered one of the most important things to a human. A human can last without food for a few weeks, can last without water for a few days but can only last without air for a few minutes.

But how much importance are you putting on how well you take oxygen in? Is your respiration deep and nourishing so you feel relaxed and calm or are you snatching at air, hardly moving the body when you take oxygen in?

When you pay attention to your respiration it can make such a difference to how your day goes. When you inhale and exhale slowly, everything else slows down including your mind. If your mind is racing then by slowing your intake of air down you allow yourself to relax. Try it now...

How To Breathe For Stress Relief

The following video will explain a little more about why your breath is so important for health. At the end of the video you can find a really excellent technique which you can use in all areas of your life for stress management...

I hope you enjoyed the video...

Yoga Breathing Exercises

The following exercises which are shown in video form help to calm the mind and bring emotions into balance.

These pranayama exercises have been used for thousands of years and are very simple to learn and practice. The benefits can be received almost instantly changing negative thoughts or emotions into much clearer and happier ones.

The following pointers should help to inspire you to a better breath. When you inhale and exhale properly relaxation will be in your hand every hour of the day.

And the amazing thing is that you can start right now and it is totally

free. So how do you use respiration for stress relief?

• Firstly, be relaxed when you are inhaling and exhaling. The more relaxed you are the more deeply your breaths will replenish you. Breathing exercises are a wonderful way to learn how to be relaxed when you are inhaling and exhaling. They can change your day in an instant and can be practiced anywhere, at anytime.

Nose breathing is a great way to start reducing your stress now. Not only does inhaling and exhaling through the nose help the lungs to absorb more oxygen but it also helps to slow your respiration down. As the nasal passages are smaller than the mouth air has to pass through more slowly, helping to slow the exhalation down.

• When you inhale, feel your body is calm

• When you exhale, feel all tension drifting away

Remember to inhale and exhale deeply

• Don't gasp or gulp air into your body - be gentle and relaxed

When you force your breath you can add tension to your body and therefore more stress

• Whenever you can, remember to breathe - in the supermarket queue, at the traffic lights, sat at your desk reading this. The following techniques will really help you to stay balanced and focused in all situations.

Meditation is a great way to learn how to inhale and exhale properly again. By focusing on your body as air enters while in a meditative state helps you to reconnect to this process.

Don't give yourself a hard time when you forget to consciously take air in.

• Only through practice, patience and kindness will deep breathing become a part of your daily routine.

• Stop taking your respiration for granted - allow it to fill your whole body when you inhale and exhale so not only do you feel relaxed and calm but you also resonate this calmness to others.

Deep Breathing

• Start to realize how valuable the inhaling and exhaling is. What would you do without it, how long do you think you could survive without it?

• Use the following website about breathing to find out more about how your respiration affects your health and how you can change your health around by how you inhale and exhale.

• Look forward to feeling the amazing sensation that a deep lungful of air has on the body - it is phenomenal and there is no one who can stop you from doing it.

• Taking in air is totally free, is not taxable, and does not have customs duty on it.

• Put up a sign next to where you work (or put it on a piece of paper in your pocket) which says...

• "I allow myself to inhale...and exhale."

• "I feel so wonderful when I inhale and exhale deeply"

• "I nourish my body, heart and soul with every deep breath I take."

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