Breathing Techniques

Breathing Techniques Are A Simple Way To Transform Your Day From Stressful To Relaxed. How Do You Do Them?

Breathing techniques help to calm the mind

Breathing techniques are a really important part of managing stress. Why? It is not always possible to get away from the job at hand which is stressing you out, and it is not always possible to go and meditate or go and do exercise when things are stressful.

Breathing techniques allow you to gain stress relief while not leaving your desk, not going anywhere and not disengaging from the conversation you are in (although this is not always easy.)

These techniques can be used practically anywhere and at anytime. This does not mean that meditation , exercise , yoga or any of the other stress management techniques are any less important but they are not as easy to do 24 hours a day. Breathing is something that we have to do 24 hours a day, so the better we breathe and the more relaxed we breathe the better our day is.

Breathing Techniques

The following breathing techniques can be used in most situations. But please be aware of what is happening in your body. If you feel faint please rest and if in any doubt please speak with your doctor.

Waterfall breathing technique

1. Technique 1: The Waterfall Technique

1. Breathe in and relax. Let your shoulders rise as you breathe in.

2. Breathe out and allow your shoulders to drop.

3. Imagine that you have a crystal pipe running up through the middle of your body (it is an inch in diameter). It starts 2 feet below your feet and rises to 2 feet above the top of your head.

4. As you breathe in imagine that you are pumping water up this pipe so that it reaches the point above your head as you reach your full lung capacity.

5. As you breathe out imagine a waterfall of rushing water spilling over from the crystal pipe and washing over your whole body.

6. You will feel invigorated and energized.

7. Keep this breath going for 5 breaths then stop. Start again 30 seconds later.

8. If you are in a really stressful situation or confrontation do this breath and imagine all the negative energy that is being thrown at you being washed into the earth.

2. Technique 2: Mudra Breathing

The following yoga breathing exercise helps to stimulate the body along with calming the breathing down.

1. While breathing in tap your thumb and your first finger together as in the photo on the right. You then tap the thumb and second finger, thumb and third finger, and then thumb and little finger as in photo on the left.

Breathing technique mudra Tap thumb and little finger together

2. So you tap all 4 fingers and thumb together while breathing in - count to 4 while tapping.

Count 1 second: thumb and first finger come together.

Count 2 seconds: thumb and second finger come together.

Count 3 seconds: thumb and third finger come together.

Count 4 seconds: thumb and little finger come together.

3. Hold your breath and tap fingers in same order while counting to 4.

4. Breathe out tapping the same order and counting to 4.

5. Repeat for 5 minutes then have a break.

6. When doing breathing exercises of any form it is always good to check in before starting to gauge where you are at: how do you feel, do you have any tension in your body? Then when you finish the technique you can gauge again what differences you feel. This helps you to see the benefits and to keep you practicing the techniques.

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