Breathing Apparatus Review - Breathslim

The following is a breathing apparatus review for the Breathslim product. The Breathslim product is being used as a therapy for body weight reduction, sleep improvement, stress relief and increase in energy. This article looks at whether it works from a stress management and overall health perspective.

The Breathslim product helps to put resistance on both your inhalation and exhalation. As a result it is reported that the resistance in the lungs increases the pressure and therefore more oxygen begins to circulate through the blood. Scientific studies have shown that using a Breathslim increases oxygen intake by 50%.

Breathing Apparatus Review - Breathslim

Here at Stress Relief Choices we have been asked to review this product. So in this breathing apparatus review you will find a review of the Breathslim over a period of 30 days.

Each day for 30 days I will breathe using the breathing apparatus for 15 to 20 minutes and then report on how I feel during this period. Does Breathslim work? Is it helpful with stress management? If you have an ineffective breathing pattern does it help to change this?

Product Packaging & Design

My first impressions were very good. The product is well-made and packaged using BPA free (non-toxic) plastic. The instruction manual and DVD are professionally put together and it is easy to get started with the product within 15 minutes.

Customer service was very good as well with an excellent response time. Mark 8/10

Day 1

At the beginning of this review I measured my control pause (CP). The control pause is essentially the amount of time you can easily hold your breath without strain. Medical trials in Russia have shown that many people with low CPU is are more likely to get sick. Indeed, this research showed that people with severe medical conditions overall had a low CP count in common (5 to 10 seconds).

According to double Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg: “Deep breathing techinques which increase oxygen to the cell are the most important factors in living a disease free and energetic life. Remember, where cells get enough oxygen, cancer will not, cannot occur.”

So on day one I found my CP to be 42 seconds. How did I feel after the first day? I enjoyed doing the breathing exercises and found that I felt really relaxed after the first session. I felt calm and peaceful.

Day 30

After 30 days I measured my CP again and found it to be 60 seconds. Over a 30 day period my control pause increased by 42%, which would seem an impressive jump. Although this is only personal experience I found this increase to be confirmation that this product works for me. (At 50 days of product use my CP is now 80 seconds).

I found that while exercising I felt fitter, my lung capacity seemed greater ( I could breathe more deeply) and an interesting aside – my singing voice was much louder...

I also found that I was starting to become more aware that during the day I had an ineffective breathing pattern. Through doing regular practice I have started to breathe slower, lighter and in a more relaxed manner.

This seemed like a profound change as breathing well for 20 minutes a day feels like nothing compared with starting to breathe well on a consistent basis for 24 hours a day. I feel doing this practise for 30 days has started me on the first steps towards correcting an ineffective breathing pattern.

How Could The Breathslim Be Improved?

One question which came up during the breathing apparatus review was the lack of in-depth instructions about how to breathe properly during the exercises.

The Breathslim instructions are very basic which is good to get started but I feel there is not enough emphasis on the importance of how to breathe properly.

The Russian breathing system Buteyko teaches one should breathe lightly and slowly. It also mentions that one should not fill the lungs completely or forcefully when breathing in as this can damage the lungs. I feel that more instruction would have been good at the beginning.

There were several times during the 30 days where I breathed in too deeply and felt my lungs to be a little aggravated. During my research I did find this detailed instruction manual by a Dr Rakhimov who is a scientific expert in all things breathing (the manual is for the Frolov Breathing Device but Dr Rakhimov says you can use as effectively with the Breathslim).

 You can download the first part of it for free on his website or on Amazon for the full instructions. I found these instructions much more detailed and to the point.

Does This Breathing Apparatus Work for Stress Management?

After each session I found myself feeling very relaxed, clear-minded and at ease. If life was a bit hectic before my breathing exercises or that I'd had a busy day, using the Breathslim for 15 to 20 minutes helped to settle my mind and emotions wonderfully.

Does the Breathslim device work for stress management? Yes, I personally feel it does. It works on a similar level to a 20 minute meditation, a good run, or an hour's yoga session.

On a scientific level I believe (although no tests have shown this yet) it is moving the brainwaves from beta (13-30 CPS) - active mind into alpha brainwaves (8-12 CPS) - relaxed concentration. It certainly feels the same way as after 20 minutes of meditation. Mark 9/10

Breathing Apparatus Review: Medical Research

Having done a lot of research into breathing over the years, the Breathslim product has the potential to be life changing. Indeed, the Frolov breathing device, which is the Russian equivalent of the Breathslim, had had many medical studies carried out over the years.

The Frolov breathing device has been found to help with: diabetes, cancer, heart disease, asthma and bronchitis.   According to Dr Rakhimov, these devices ideally need to be used in conjunction with lifestyle changes: exercise (while breathing through the nose), a healthy diet and changed sleeping habits (sleeping on your side not your back).

In this breathing apparatus review I personally feel that the Breathslim product could do with a greater emphasis on the science side of things and how it is important to combine breathing exercises with lifestyle changes. Mark 8/10


The price of the Breathslim is reasonably expensive at $49. It is a simple device so maybe over the coming months the price will be reduced. In comparison with its main competitor, the Frolov breathing device (which is priced at the time of writing at $69), Breathslim is $20 cheaper.

Is it worth that price? Most of the reviewers on Amazon seem to think so and I am inclined to agree. I personally have used it 50 times since I received it which works out at $1/ day. I will carry on using it every day for the foreseeable future so this will become much more cost effective. (Breathslim have offered readers at Stress Relief Choices a 10% discount on their website (please quote PCW-2014  at checkout). Mark 7/10

Positives and Negatives

    + Works really well

    + Simple to use

    + Easy to understand

    + Light and easy to carry around

    - Cost is slightly elevated although 40% cheaper than its main competitor

    - Not enough detailed instruction


After a 30 day trial I conclude that the Breathslim device works. My control pause (holding my breath) increased by 18 seconds and I felt more relaxed and calm after using the product.

The product could do with more detailed instruction but overall I am very impressed and have continued to use the product daily to this date. Final mark: 8/10

(Postnote: after 50 days of doing the breathing apparatus review my control pause is now 80 seconds which is now a 90% increase...)

For this breathing apparatus review Breathslim have offered a 10% discount for visitors to Stress-Relief-Choices. Please use the code PCW-2014 at the Breathslim website to access the discount.

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