What does it take for us to be well?

Over the years I have asked myself that question many times and many times I have found different answers.

And over the years working with different clients I have found different tools working at different times. Some clients really excel with meditation, some with breathing techniques, some find that having things written down helps them, whereas others feel they need to practice what I am teaching over and over again.

Over this period of teaching and studying I started to put together a list of things which worked, not only for myself but also for the clients I was working with.

If you were to visit my office today you would see the walls behind my desk filled with mind maps of all the tools I have collated, practiced and taught over years.

These are the tools that I use everyday.

Why? Because they work. Some days certain tools are more suitable than the others, but I use all of them at one time or another.

What I have found though, is that having a toolbox is paramount for dealing with stress. I wouldn't have survived the trauma of my own breakdown if I hadn't had this toolbox. It saved me.

I needed every tool available to cope with the anxiety, the trauma and the stress I had to deal with everyday.

So over the years this list has grown.

Over the years, the size of this toolbox has increased in size.

Today and for the next 10 days I am offering my toolbox, The Well Being Way at a reduced price to readers of this newsletter.

For this limited period I am also offering 4 extra bonuses - 4 MP3 downloads for stress management, well being, visualization and meditation.

This offer is valid until the 16th April 2011.

This toolbox to date is over 101 tools. 101 things that I have used and still use to this date to deal with stress and help improve my life and the clients I work with in all ways.

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The Well Being Way Special Offer

There is also an option to sign up for a free e-course called The Seven Secrets of Stress Relief. Please do sign up for that list if you are still interested in receiving correspondance from me as I am going to be using a new email correspondance list from now on.

Many blessings to you,

May you be well,

Piers Cross

Holistic Life Coach & Hypnotherapist