It has been a while since I last sent out an update for Stress Relief Choices by email so I felt I would update my newsletter list with what has been happening over the last period of time.

It has been a busy year or so and I have been travelling a lot doing different training courses across the UK. Last year I qualified as an NLP Practitioner and also a Hypnotherapy Practitioner. I also completed my 3rd year of shamanic studies.

My personal coaching practice has grown and I am spending more time doing face to face coaching than through the internet. Saying that I do regularly update new videos on my youtube page and do weekly updates on my Facebook fanpage. Please feel free to join up to either of those to receive regular updates from me.

I am now sending out newsletters and updates more regularly letting people know what I have been using with my clients and what I find works for stress management, well being and personal development.

Over the next few days you'll hear from me about a promotion I am offering with my book The Well Being Way. This book is over 100 ways to reduce stress, outlining all the different tools you can use to effect change in your life. I am offering bonus downloads and a discount for a limited time to my subscribers. You'll hear from me soon so keep your eye on your inbox...

Look forward to speaking to you soon,

Take care and be well,

Piers Cross

Holistic Life Coach & Hypnotherapist