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One of the Most Powerful Natural Healers with Free Video
November 20, 2012

One of the most powerful natural healers I have found over the years has been nature.

When I was going through challenging times in my life, no matter where I was, I used to somehow find myself out in nature.

I lived in London for about 4 years. For the first 2 years I was at university in North London. I can't remember what happened but I got very upset one evening. I was inside in my flat's bathroom crying on the floor. And somehow I just knew I needed to be outside.

So I went outside and started running. Running through the darkened streets of a North London suburb.

Again somehow I found myself in a park. And through being outside I managed to let go of a lot of the tension & tears I was holding. I really cried and cried. I don't remember why now.

But what I do remember is how healing those releases were. How healing being in nature was.

Throughout my life when I have been feeling wobbly, unhappy or just needing clarity in some area I have taken myself into the woods, the sea or rivers. And in doing so have felt so healed .

And I have taken this into my wellbeing coaching work. I have taken clients and corporations into the wood to help them de-stress. And they loved it...

So this is my message to you. Get into the woods, go outside, go to a park: for in doing so...

-you will find a release of tension -your mind will clear -you will feel lighter -your body will feel healthier

And here is a little relaxation film I made in the woods a couple of weeks ago. It will help to bring the peacefulness of the woods into your home until you next time go out into nature...

Relaxing Music Therapy Video


Many blessings to you,

May you be well,

Piers Cross

Holistic Life Coach & Hypnotherapist

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