Maybe you've heard of my first experience of meditation back in the 1990s when I first came across it.

Back in the 90s I had just graduated from French business school and had arrived back in London. I was completing the English part of the course which required me to do a 6 month work placement.

I found work in the south east of London, but as I was living in the north west this required a really long commute across the city.

One of the stations I had to go through was Victoria station. If you have ever visited London you will know that 2 of the busiest stations in the city are Waterloo and Victoria. It is estimated that 115 million people pass through Victoria each year - now that is busy...

And at rush hour... well... you can hardly move...

I had been meditating for about 3 or 4 weeks when I had my first real experience of how powerful meditation is.

And I was in Victoria.

I had just got off my train from the south east and was heading across the station. There were people everywhere. It was the height of rush-hour.

I used to have to battle my way across the station, feeling really stressed and claustrophobic at the same time. It was like swimming in a rip current, going in one direction, only to be suddenly pulled off in a completely wrong tangent ("No! I want the Victoria Line!")

But this day was very different. Everything seemed to slow down. Instead of fighting my way across the station, I started to go with the flow. And the flow was taking me in exactly the direction I wanted to go.

I remember glancing up at the windows above and thinking how beautiful they were. (Now if you ever visit Victoria please ask the commuters if you can get them to stop if they have ever noticed the windows above them. You will find that most people are so in a rush to get somewhere that they miss out on the beauty that is surrounding them in every moment.)

I got to the entrance of London Underground. A lady was stood there with a pram and 2 big cases. She looked exasperated. It was the same scenario I had walked passed tens of times before. And just as I had done before, everyone was ignoring her.

But today, I stopped. I asked if she wanted a hand. She gratefully accepted and I helped her carry her cases as she pushed the pram down the stairs.

It made me feel really great inside - a real inner glow, and I continued my journey on this real high.

To me, this was the first glimpse of how powerful meditation was. I felt great and the stress of commuting disappeared that day. I meditated where possible on the tube (London Underground) and in the train. The journey wasn't always as blissful as this but the more I meditated the more these types of occurrences happened in my life.

My life started to shift and well, the rest is history...

To this day I still meditate twice daily and I attribute a lot of my ability to deal with stress due to my meditation practice.

Recently I have started to meditate listening to a program called the Awakening Prologue by Holosync.

This program helps to put the mind into an Alpha state which is what years of meditation helps you to do. Now, all you have to do is listen to the CD and the program helps to shift the brain into the most optimal state for relaxation.

In some ways I wish that I had had this CD 10 years ago for my commute across London. It would have made meditating a lot simpler and a lot quicker to grasp.

I invite you to start meditating and start to shift your life:

Wishing you a really peaceful and wonderful weekend.

Be well,

Piers Cross