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Meditation Downloads for Stress Relief
April 07, 2014

Over the years meditation is always a tool that I start with when teaching classes about stress relief or health and well-being.

I remember recording a CD program about six years ago for corporate stress management. In these CDs I talked about the core processes for stress relief. And the first of these was meditation. On these CDs I likened meditation and mindfulness to be like the foundations or bricks in the house of well-being.

Today I was listening to a neuroscientist called Dr Joe Dispenza. Dr Dispenza was saying how powerful meditation was. On a scientific level he was saying that by meditating we start to retrain the brain into positive neurological patterns. In other words, meditation helps us break old patterns and establish new positive ones.

And over the years people have been requesting that I record meditations for them so that they can listen when stressed or anxious. So over the past few months I have been producing a set of meditation downloads just for that purpose.

The first download is a guided meditation based on the Taoist practice of the inner smile. This meditation is an excellent way of re-energising the body and mind if you are feeling tired or low on energy after high levels of stress.

The second MP3 is a guided visualisation on the Scottish coast called “The Cabin of Tranquillity”. This guided visualisation is a journey into your deep wisdom helping you to connect to the part of you which knows how to be peaceful, tranquil and ultimately how to heal itself. You can find these meditations at my website:

Take care and may you be well,

Piers Cross


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