Isn't it interesting how easy it is for some of us to lose perspective?

And what seems to happen when you do lose perspective is that suddenly everything is going wrong - everywhere you look, another catastrophe is happening.

So often I see this in people's lives, they have the perfect jobs, partners, families but something comes along to turn this world upside down.

Maybe this is the loss of a job, or an argument with a friend or a family member, maybe it is illness. From having the perfect life and seeing everything as wonderful, suddenly, almost instantaneously their life falls apart.

They can't see anything good in their life and from having the perfect relationship, suddenly they see all the faults of their partner, from having the perfect job, suddenly, it's not good enough.

Does this sound familiar?

I know in my own life that I have been through phases where everything has fallen apart. But over the years I have learned and been taught techniques to help me stop this falling apart.

I like to use an example to explain why people fall into stress and fall apart so easily. Imagine that you are stood at the top of a flight of stairs. When life is good you are nowhere near the stairs and don't give any thought to it.

But sometimes when you are feeling tender, a bit wobbly, a bit under the weather, it is as if you are standing right at the top of the stairs. You are teetering on the edge. And we are all aware when we are stood there. Have you ever been in situations like that?

Well, it is at these points that you need to take the most care: to pamper yourself, to rest, to feed yourself: have a break, read a good book; to go for a walk, to spend time alone, to go to bed early, to meditate, to practice breathing techniques.

And by doing this you start to take steps away from the edge of the stairs.

But what happens if you don't take care?

Well, taking the example from above - you fall apart, and you metaphorically fall down the stairs. And it hurts.

Sometimes you could be in a mess at the bottom of the stairs for weeks, months, years. I know people who have been there. Do you? Personally?

But it doesn't have to be that way.

By taking care and by looking after yourself you start to step away from the edge.

So start to take care today. Pamper yourself. By getting into a positive routine with meditation, exercise, affirmations while you are feeling good, you enable yourself to cope that much better when the challenges do come along.

So take care...

Breathe in...

And breathe out...


Breathe in...

And breathe out...

Be well,

Piers Cross


P.S. I am putting together a special offer to people at the moment and will let you know more about it in the next email. Keep your eyes peeled for the next email and in the meantime be well and take care.