In my last correspondance to you I talked about the power of affirmations in stress management.

I have been using affirmations now for many years and have found them to be invaluable. I remember one incident in a particular when I used them to overcome a really stressful period at work.

I was working for a Fortune 500 company in the UK, and was working for their European Service Centre. Due to my background in French business I was working for their French Customer Services.

I had just moved departments and was learning the ropes at the time of the incident.

It was August. Well, if you know about Southern Europe - France, Italy, Spain, Portugal etc you will realize that all businesses shut during this month.

This is really great if you are working in Paris - everyone leaves the city and you don't have any work for a whole month.

But if you are working for the French Customer Services where you have to deliver stock to the supermarkets in the South of France where everyone has just gone on holiday, you suddenly get the realization that you have a lot of work on your hands...

... and no truck drivers to deliver the stock (they're on holiday)

...and no workers in the factories to produce the stock (they're also on holiday!) but lots of people wanting the stock...

Well, as you can imagine, I went through a period of time where I got a little stressed.

I was completely out of my depth...

Without a paddle...

Or a boat for that matter...

But it turned out to be one of my best teachers.

How? Well, one day I was sat at my desk. I had just been shouted at by my French Supermarket who was short of stock.

I started to hear my mind saying.

"I can't do this..."

"There's too much work to do..."

"I can't cope!"

And I started to feel worse.

Yet I suddenly rememberd the teaching I had received about affirmations several years before.

So I started to write down these negative sayings on a piece of paper. As soon as I got one of these negative blurts in my mind I wrote them down(I still have this piece of paper and have just got it out again).

It says on it...

"I am finding this tremendously hard..."

"This is too much..."

Once I had a few of these blurts written down I started to change them into the positive.


"I can't do this..." became, "I am doing this.."

"There's too much work to do..." became, "There is just the right amount of work at this time..."

"I can't cope!" became, "I am coping..."

"I am finding this tremendously hard..." became, "I am finding this really easy..."

And suddenly I started to be able to cope with the workload. When a negative blurt came up. I looked at my list and changed it around.

The workload hadn't changed but instead of having a negative voice in my head giving myself a hard time, I started to change the negative into the positive.

The result was that I started to feel better and the workload did improve. I got help and things shifted.

So look at your own life and at how you can apply this lesson to yourself. By starting to change the internal dialogue around you start to change the way you perceive the world.

And just as it did in my case, so your stress will start to dissolve.

Keep breathing and keep being well,

Piers Cross