Most of you will have noticed that there is a recession going on.

That might seem like a joke to you, but to be honest, I have not really noticed any real change in my own life – I don’t watch the news or read newspapers so I am not inundated with news of how bad the economy is. In fact, my business is going from strength to strength.

Businesses are going bankrupt and people are losing their jobs.

A lot of our energy at the moment is on…money: how we can get more money and how we can survive this current period. The news, and TV is full of articles about how bad it is.

So seeing as how stressful this current environment is for most people at the moment I thought that I would offer a few words of advice as to how to cope with it.

A basic law of the universe is the Law of Attraction: that like energy is attracted to the similar vibration of energy.

Think of a person at work, or a person in your life. Now this person is a really happy and contented individual – they are always smiling and laughing. But there will be a group of people, and you will have probably heard them, saying, “Oh God, it’s X, what are they so happy about.” And this group will probably stay out this happy person’s way. They will not be attracted to them.

On the other hand, there might be an individual who is really unhappy and is never smiling. They will always be complaining and being miserable. They will rarely have anything happy to say. But the only people who are attracted to them are the ones who like to complain and moan. The happy people will not be drawn to them.

So how does this relate to the topic of money?

Well, in these times we have a choice. We either feel and see that nothing is working and stress out about it. We talk about how bad it is and get this confirmed to us by all the people who talk to us – remember only the unhappy and pessimistic people will be attracted to our conversation.

We complain about how bad the economy is and how bad our finances are. We complain about the government and what is going wrong.

Or on the other hand we focus on what is working in our lives. We focus not on the fact that we have money problems – it is not to deny it or to do nothing, but we focus on what it going right.

You focus on the fact that your children are healthy, that your health is the best it has been for years, you focus on the things that are working.

And what happens is that we then attract in to our lives people who affirm that. They too have stories of how well their lives are going. They too affirm their business is skyrocketing.

I was recently doing some research into the Great Depression of 1929. It is said that during that time, the most amount people became millionaires in America’s history. For most of us we see that a recession is a time of lack but, as these figures show this is not the case for every body.

The period of time we are now in mirrors that time of 1929. We can either see that we are in a period of depression and fear, or that we are in a period of great opportunity, a time of change.

So how does this related to your financial well-being?

It’s relates to your financial well-being because you can let go of worrying about your finances. The more you worry the more you create the circumstances to perpetuate this. Clients stop calling because they know that you’ve given up – you can’t be bothered to work or that you’re always complaining.

Instead focus on what is going right at this moment. What is going well.

Every morning when you wake, practice feeling gratitude at all you have – all the amazing things you have in your life.

Focus on the amazing things and the negative things will become miniscule. You will just keep attracting more and more things to keep you feeling positive.

And if you start to feel pessimistic don’t share it with others – only share your light, your joy and your wealth. Because you have so much wealth – and it doesn’t have to be financial wealth – it can be in all areas of your life. We all do.

Wishing you well for another wonderful week and thank you for reading these words,

May you be well,

Piers Cross

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I hope that you have enjoyed this edition of Relieving Stress Today.

May you have a wonderful week,

Piers Cross