Some days I find that my mind is persistent is focusing on what is not going right in my life.

I have spoken to many people about this and I see that I am not alone in having those days. For some people these are the only days they have - focusing on what is not going right, what stresses and strains are going on in their lives.

Does this sound familiar? Do you have a similar pattern with your own mind? Do you find that no matter how hard you try to be positive your mind keeps going back to the negative?

Well, don't worry you are not alone - most of us are like this.

In fact, as you might know I am very passionate about the law of attraction and how we become what we think about. The more we think about how bad things are, well, this just creates more of it. And vice versa - focus on the positive and more positive things flow in.

I was listening to a talk by Bob Proctor who is one the main teachers of the law of attraction. He was saying that keeping your mind focused on the positive is one of the biggest challenges we have as humans. The mind has a tendency to always be distracted by what is not going right and spending all our energy on that.

Bob Proctor was saying that by doing this we only create more stress, more of what we are focusing on.

As this is something that we all deal with on a regular basis and it would seem that it is a challenge for most of us I thought I would pass on what I do to help bring my own attention to the positive.

Step One: Breathing Techniques

The first step I use is breathing techniques and breathing exercises. When I find that my mind is starting to focus on the negative. I slow my breathing down and put extra emphasis on being aware of my breathing.

Step Two: Gratitude

The second thing that I do is I work on gratitude. Instead of focusing on what is not going right I focus on all that is really good in my life.

I also focus on all the things that I would really miss if I didn't have them any more.

Step Three: Body Posture

Body posture, when the mind is racing a million miles an hour, is another really good technique for rebalancing.

When you are thinking about negative things notice your body posture - do you look downwards, your body slumped?

Doing the opposite, really lifting up your body, lifting your shoulders and head, and smiling really helps to shift your thoughts and the feelings in the body.

Step Four: Being Inspired

The fourth thing I do is listen to inspiring talks and speak to inspiring people. Last night I went for a walk over the moors and was listening to a talk by Bob Proctor. The talk really helped to lift me and to make me realize how important it is to focus on the positive rather than the negative.

Until the end of today, the 10th June you can listen to the talks by Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and Michael Beckwith for $1 for a period of a week.

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By listening to inspiring thinkers we can help to lift our attention and therefore the stresses in our minds.

These steps are so important for the fulfillment of our life. If we don't take time to manage our thoughts, well we get a life which is not quite enough, a life which is stressful - when it doesn't have to be this way.

Take the time to develop yourself and your mind and you develop a new world around you.

May you be well,

Piers Cross