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With the New Year many of you will have set out intentions and resolutions for the coming year.

There are things that you want to achieve.

There are goals that you want to attain.

But as many of you will have found out it is not long in to the New Year that our resolutions fall by the wayside. Maybe not all the time and maybe not with yourself but in my own life I know so many people who state their resolutions only to give them up after a week or so.

You can’t be bothered with them any more or you don’t have the energy for them.

You felt very inspired to start off with but within a few weeks you give up, you lose focus.

So how can you change that? What ways are there to keep those intentions?

1. Focusing on the Positive Benefits of Your Intention

So often I’ve heard, “I’m giving up smoking,” but within a few weeks people have given up that idea. Or, “I’m going on a diet,” and the same happens.

What people do is they focus on how hard it is to keep their intention or they focus on all the pleasure they will be giving up (free time, money, how much they enjoy smoking etc) if they do this intention.

And for the first week – willpower drives you along but within a week or so, your willpower gives in and all the things you feel you will be losing get the better of you. So you cave in and the resolution goes out the window.

What you need to be doing is focusing on the positive feelings of how good you will feel when you have achieved or attained your goal.

If you can flood your body with how good you’re going to feel having achieved your goal e.g. running every day or how good you’ll feel not smoking then you have that much more of an incentive to make it happen.

2. Be Kind With Your Intentions

We can be pretty gung-ho with our resolutions sometimes: “I’m never going to eat sugar again!” or, “I’ll never touch a drop of alcohol again!” I’ve done this myself and have found to my disappointment a few weeks later that I’ve not been able to maintain it.

Sure this might be your final intention but you need to come from a place of kindness. And this means doing what you can do. Not what others are expecting of you. What can you do?

Start out small. Give yourself that momentum once you can see that you can achieve your smaller intentions – it makes you feel really good.

If you want to give up smoking – cut down by 25% the first week – set that as your intent. Get used to smoking less then take it down week by week. Aim to smoke only 50% of your regular amount in the second week or whatever you can manage.

Do what you can do. Be kind.

And what happens if you relapse or don’t carry out your intention? Be kind, congratulate yourself on the positive – that you lasted so long. If you do so you are more likely to start your intention again – think of how others react around praise?

But if you are hard on yourself there’s less chance you’re going to start again and you’ll just add more stress to your life. Think of someone who is criticized all the time – they give up after a while and don’t try at all.

So be kind and you will achieve your goals and New Year’s resolutions.

3. Do a Vision Board/ Video

A good way of keeping resolutions is by creating a vision board or a vision video. I have made several videos over the past month and have found them wonderful for getting a clear idea of what my intentions are and focusing on them.

How to make a vision video:

1. Go to Google and click on images.

2. Put in the intention or goal for the year, e.g. get a new land rover so you put in, “New TDI Land rover.”

3. Click on image you like – once on image’s website – right click and “save image” on your computer.

4. Repeat with all intentions e.g. holiday, good relationships, happy family, new car, new clothes.

5. Open Window Movie Maker (all PCs have this program).

6. Import photos you have saved.

7. Drag photos onto time line below.

8. Import your favourite uplifting music.

9. Add titles onto film stating what each image means for you e.g. I am going on holiday to Florida.

10. Save on computer and watch regularly.

For a fuller explanation on how to do vision boards and vision videos please visit www.VisionBoardSite.Com

I hope that these ideas will be of use to you and wish you a wonderfully prosperous and magnificent new year.

With kindness,

Piers Cross