I thought that I would share a few words with you today about how we can be the cause of the stress in our lives.

Often when I am teaching and studying I have insights – the “Aha” moments. I like to share these with others so this email and future emails will be of this nature.

I am very interested in the Law of Attraction. Many people will have heard of this through the success of the film “The Secret.” I have watched this film many times and was recently reflecting on how it relates to stress and in particular the stress in my own life.

I noticed recently that I was focused on a couple incidences in my life which weren’t going very well. And I was trying to resolve them. I was thinking about them a lot and trying to find some form of solution.

But this wasn’t making me very happy.

And I realised that in life people have a tendency to want everything to be perfect. When things are not perfect they do everything they can to try and sort those things out. They spend a lot of energy trying to resolve the situation.

But what happens is that once they have resolved one situation, the next one occurs and so on. This means that they are forever focused on the negative, on what is not going right.

And I noticed that I have been guilty of this in the past. That I would be wanting to resolve something – that I didn’t like people either being unhappy or for there to be problem so I was forever trying to fix things.

Does this sound familiar?

Well… as I have found in my own life this adds to stress. And in some ways it perpetuates the situation or the circumstances.

Say, for example, we have a fall-out with the next door neighbour. We spend energy and time worrying about it so the next time we see them we have a scowl on our face and are rude to them. This perpetuates the situation.

If, on the other hand we drop the worry, and the situation altogether and are really happy inside, then the next time we see them, we smile and they smile – situation resolved.

Okay so how do you stop worrying about the negative? How do you stop the stressful thoughts?

Good question!

Step 1

Write a list or feel deep inside what you are really grateful for. This could be:

The legs you have for walking, the fact that your health is good, for your lungs, for your house, for the bed you sleep in, the roof over your head, for the family around you, for the health of your children, the friends you have, for the breath you breathe, for the smile on your lips, for your hands, your eyes to read this, the fact that you can read…

The list goes on and on…

By certain teachers this is called a Rampage of Appreciation. You literally fill yourself with good feelings about all the things that you are so grateful for.

And the feeling is the most important part – you must really feel the body alive and vibrating – full of appreciation for everything that you have.

One of the teachers on “The Secret” James Ray teaches that you should do this every morning on waking. This means that you start the day really vibrating with joy at how wonderful your life is.

Step 2

Every time you start to go into the negative thoughts again – the amount of work you’ve got to do or whatever stress is there, go back to one of the things you are really grateful for. Or you can choose a really happy thought – your favourite holiday destination or a happy time you spent with a loved one.

It is said that if you keep that thought for more than 17 seconds that it will help to shift your thoughts from negative to positive.

Step 3

The more you focus on the positive, the better you feel and thing which has been bothering you starts to dissolve.

How I have found it in my own life is that when you are focusing on the unpleasant things, it is like a big black mountain rising up before you. It seems all encompassing. And it seems to be every where you look.

But when you start to really be grateful for all the amazing things in your life, well, it is like you are stood on this huge mountain of wealth – financial, relationships, spiritual, emotional… every where you look there are amazing things you can be grateful for.

And the black mountain?

You can see the black mountain but it is no longer a mountain, it’s a molehill, and it is like a speck of dust.

So by focusing on the positive you can change your levels of stress around so quickly.

In my own life, the things that I have been worrying about become insignificant and I feel so good deep down that I keep manifesting more great things to be happy about.

The inspiration for “The Secret” is a little book called "The Science of Getting Rich". It’s a free download which talks not just about how to be rich financially but how to be rich in all areas of your life. I deeply recommend it.

Wishing you well,

With blessings,


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I hope that you have enjoyed this edition of Relieving Stress Today.

May you have a wonderful week,

Piers Cross