In this week's ezine I share with you the stress relief technique that has made my week a really great week.

At the end of the ezine you will also find a link to get 3 free ebooks. I am now offering these books, over 400 pages of content to all my new ezine subscribers so wanted to let you have a chance to download them as well.

This week has been a really interesting week for me. I am always amazed at how much I can learn from life itself. And it is not always when things are going really well that I learn the most.

In fact, I have to say that I've learned most of what I teach about stress relief when things have not been going so well.

Well, actually I've learned the most when things have been really, really challenging to be honest. When I've had my face pressed up against the wall of life I've had to by hook or by crook learn how to cope.

And what is that I learned about stress relief this week?

More remembering than learning but still, the thing that I have learned again this week has been about how important laughter, smiling and humor is.

I know from my own life that sometimes I take it all a little too seriously - I focus on my business, about getting things done, about doing my practice - my meditation, my breathing techniques, my exercise and yoga, but I forget one important thing.

Yes, laughter and joy.

What about you? Have you been taking it all a bit too seriously? Have you been getting irate at the most mundane of things, telling people off because you're angry more than because of anything they've done?

Well, this is where I have been at... until it snowed.

What? Yes, it has been snowing here this week in the UK and there has been heavy snow up here in the Yorkshire Pennines. And so myself and my partner have taken the odd break this week and gone out sledging.

And what a laugh we've been having - I haven't had so much fun for ages. It has been great and I feel really light at the moment because of it.

So my message to you today is go and have some fun. No matter how you are feeling now will be changed if you go off and do something that you really enjoy doing.

Maybe go bowling...

Go to the park with your grandchildren or children and play on the swings...

Meet up with your friends who you can have a real laugh with...

Go to an amusement park...

Go and play on the dodgems...

Go for a walk...

Or play games with your family...

Whatever it is that makes you laugh and smile, do it. Why? Because the benefits of laughter are huge. Laughter disolves your stress and floods you with good feelings.

How do you want to feel? Do you want to feel light, happy and great or do you want to feel heavy, unhappy and miserable. We choose remember.

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I hope that you enjoy them.

May you have a wonderful weekend full of laughter,

Piers Cross