A Review for the EMF Protector Shieldite Pendant

 The following is an independent review for the EMF protector Shieldite. Many people are affected by electromagnetic fields ( EMFs) which are omitted from electrical equipment from computers to mobile phones, and from TVs to iPads. Effects can range from lethargy to headaches, and from being unable to think clearly to feeling depressed.

Personal Experience

I first came across EMF protectors several years ago after starting work in a big open office and had many of the above symptoms. I purchased myself a Q Link EMF protector and combined with swimming regularly in the sea found the symptoms disappeared within a few weeks.

I wanted to see what products were now available and decided to review some of the best items on the market.

Review for the EMF protector Shieldite

The EMF protector Shieldite pendant is sold by a company called Innovative Ionising Technologies. I first came across them after seeing a similar review on YouTube saying how good the pendant was. The following is my own review of the product.

First impressions

My first impressions of the pendant were very good. As I opened the packaging and held the pendant I could tangibly feel the energy of the pendant, I felt a calmness descend over me.

Shieldite is made from a naturally occurring crystal and has been cut in the shape of a flat pendant. I originally did a video review  of the product which you will find below when I received it but have now been using the pendant for a whole year. This review covers both aspects. 8/10

Look & Feel

The shape of the Shieldite pendant as you can see from the photo is rectangle and is attached to a black cord so that you can wear it around your neck.

The cord has lost some of its dye over the year but essentially you could get a new one. It does not look as professional as say the Nova Resonator but there is a huge price gap between the two. The one query I have over the pendant is that it is a little fragile. Being a crystal it would likely break if dropped on hard ground but saying that many of our household items like mobiles and ipads would do the same if dropped. 7/10


The price of the Shieldite pendant is great. It was priced at $30 when I first reviewed it and in comparison with its competitors it is a 10th of the price. 10/10


I was impressed by the Shieldite pendant immediately and after a year I am still impressed. It is not completely effective against EMF radiation but to this point I've yet to find a product which protects completely. Of all the EMF protector reviews I have done this has come out on top.

I feel a sense of protection while I'm using the pendant with a computer for up to an hour. I find that I then need a break and when I return to the computer I feel protected again. I find this with all the pendants.

The Shieldite does require that you ground the energy once-a-day on the earth outside or on a grounded fawcett (tap) for at least 30 minutes to an hour (the kitchen taps in the US by regulation are all grounded to the earth). 7/10

Positives and negatives

  • + excellent price
  • + it works well
  • - slightly fragile
  • - doesn't look as professional as the high-end protectors


At the time of writing the EMF protector Shieldite pendant is top of my recommendations for the EMF protectors. Its price and efficiency means that if you are affected by EMF's then this is definitely a place to start. It is a little fragile but with care this EMF protector will last you a good few years. Overall mark after a year: 7/10

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