Pricing Rates For Health & Well Being Coaching & Hypnotherapy


Here are some examples of the kind of issues and challenges that can be resolved through hypnotherapy & life coaching and below that is a list of pricing rates for my services.

If you are unsure about your particular situation then please contact me on the form below or call me on 07789 683 430.

Please note that the coaching takes place either face to face or by telephone. The hypnotherapy takes place in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.

The potential issues include:

• Stopping smoking

• Weight loss

• Improving confidence

• Insomnia

• Panic attacks

• Stress and anxiety

• Pain relief

• Fears and phobias

• Emotional distress

• Performance anxiety

• Improving concentration

• Improving memory

• Personal mastery

• Spiritual life coaching

Treatment (approximate times) Cost
Health & Well Being Coaching session (Telephone)(1 hour) £40 / $60
Health & Well Being Coaching session(Telephone)(Block of 4) £140 / $210
Initial Hypnotherapy Session (Face to face)+ recording (1hr 30 mins) £60 / $90
Block Booking Hypnotherapy (Face to face) (4) £160 / $240
Telephone Support (30 mins) £25 / $40
Telephone Support (Block of 4 x 30 mins) £100 / $150

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